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  • QuickField Support site

  • Tera Analysis Ltd.- QuickField software providers for electromagnetic, heat transfer and stress analysis. Main design applications: electrical machines, transformers, actuators, magnet systems.

  • Information on ISO/IEC 12207 and others software standards

  • Contains information on ISO/IEC 12207. It list the 20 best software engineering process standards by process


  • Information about ISO/IEC 15288 and other system standards

  • FEA Software in structure, static, dynamic, thermal, electric and seepage analysssis

  • AutoFEA is general FEA software of CAD and analysis, including stress, displacement, temperature, static, dynamic, frequency, buckling, thermal, electric, seepage and nonlinear analysis.

  • FireCAD : Boiler Design Software

  • FireCAD Technologies is in the field of Engineering consultancy and Software development for Industrial Boilers and related equipment. Boiler Companies and Engineering consultants across the globe are using FireCAD design software. For the first time in the Engineering world, all our Design software are made available as Web applications.

  • RPN Engineering Calculator

  • This RPN Calculator offers a choice of more than 240 solutions with 6 unique keyboards: Standard, Engineering, Binary, Magnetics, Trig, and Convert. It has a complete help system with individual tips for all but the most ordinary functions.

  • Per-Tec diesel particulate reduction and remote monitoring

  • Per-Tec Limited is a small-to-medium sized combined research and commercial enterprise located within the Manchester School of Engineering at the University of Manchester, England. Per-Tec's expertise lies in the field of diesel engine emissions reduction. The company's main area of development is an emissions reduction device (The PowerTrap) designed to remove Particulate Matter from the exhaust of a diesel engine.

  • QFin

  • The only heat sink design and optimization software.

  • Software Visualization and Evolution Research Group

  • Our areas of research are software maintenance and software evolution. According to the available data, these two processes consume an overwhelming portion of software engineering resources and therefore a better understanding may have a substantial impact on software quality and productivity. Both software maintenance and evolution are based on repeated changes in the software, where each change typically affects only a small part of software. We are working on developing theoretical models, software tools, environments, and case studies to support these changes. We are particularly interested in comprehension of large software, concept location, software visualization, incremental change, change propagation, documentation, recovery of traceability links, application of information retrieval methods to support software analysis, and cognitive theories of program comprehension

  • SoftDev - software outsourcing services and solutions

  • SoftDev, headquartered in Russia, is a professional supplier of custom software development and consulting services to international companies. SoftDev services a broad range of companies in different sectors of industry since 1997.

  • Trilliant Technology Group

  • Trilliant Technology Group is an independent consulting firm focusing on telecommunications, information technology, audio/visual and healthcare applications for the built environment. As an independent and unbiased consulting firm, we assist our clients in the procurement and utilization of technology resources to their financial and strategic advantage.

  • Software for fluid bed design (Ergun Software)

  • ERGUN 6.0 is a computer program for design and analysis of "Fluidized Beds" and their peripherals. Different items, composing a fluid bed, canbe designed and studied

  • Hendrickson Components

  • Microsoft DNA software architects, software engineering, and development.

  • ExpertControl - Engineering Software

  • Tools for modeling, control design and hydraulics for different development environments such as Mathcad, VisSim, Matlab and MS-Excel.

  • Venari Project

  • The thrust of the Venari project at Carnegie Mellon University is addressing the problem of search, hence the name. We touch upon areas in programming and specification language design, semantics, and implementation; concurrent and distributed systems; databases and persistent objects; and software development libraries and environments.

  • Recommended Programming and SE books

  • A brief list of recommendations for books about programming and software engineering.

  • Liu, Jay

  • Proprietor of the JLDN software and information service, and student at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. Reflections, favorite quotes, resume in PDF format.

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