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  • Galaxy Guide, An Interactive CD that teaches the night sky

  • GalaxyGuide is a multimedia program that presents thirty-eight of the best-known constellations in an entertaining yet scientific manner. Its emphasis is on both the scientific and the cultural aspects of the constellations, and it comes with a complete astronomy dictionary and games. It is an introduction to the world of Astronomy with a great depth of content.

  • Astronomy Software Collection

  • A collection of links shareware and freeward related to astronomy.

  • CyberSky

  • CyberSky is an exciting, entertaining, and educational astronomy program that transforms your personal computer into your personal planetarium. CyberSky provides an excellent way to learn about astronomy and to explore the wonders of the sky visible in the distant past, the present, and the far-off future.

  • PDATopSoft - Astronomy and Educational Software for PDA

  • Freeware, Shareware and Commercial PDA software is available at for in category: PDATopSoft - Astronomy and Educational Software for Pocket PC, Palm OS, Symbian, Mobiles

  • SkyMap Software

  • Chris Marriott's SkyMap Pro 10 is a CD-ROM planetarium and star-charting program for Microsoft Windows 98 or later. Written by astronomers, for astronomers. SkyMap Pro is equally suited for use by both the casual "star gazer" and the serious amateur or professional astronomer, although its feature list will appeal especially to the more "advanced" user

  • Stargazer's Delight

  • Stargazer's Delight is a desktop planetarium. It shows you: over 260,000 stars, the sky seen from any location on earth, planets, minor planets, galaxies, star clusters, all constellations and their boundaries, the phases of the moon, the apparent brightness of the planets, the length of day, thepaths of the planets, animations of the sky, great pictures of the planets, animated tutorials on selected astronomical questions and much more!

  • Computing planetary positions

  • a detailed online tutorial on how to compute planetary positions.

  • Starry Night

  • [commercial - Win95/98/NT, Macintosh] A planetarium and solar-system simulator; lets you view the universe from anywhere in our planetary neighbourhood in the past, present, and future.

  • The Digital Universe

  • Astronomical simulation package for the amateur or professional observer. [commercial - Mac]

  • Aarseth's N-body software

  • [open source - multiplatform] Direct N-body algorithms.

  • Multiyear Interactive Computer Almanac

  • [commercial - DOS, Macintosh] A software system that provides high-precision astronomical data in tabular form for a wide variety of objects; it calculates much of the information tabulated in the benchmark annual publication, The Astronomical Almanac, but it goes beyond traditional almanacs by enabling you to calculate data for specified locations at specified times within a fifteen year interval (1990-2005).

  • Star-map Studio

  • program to create and print sky-charts, showing stars, galaxies, clusters, and nebulae. [freeware]

  • IDL - Interactive Data Language

  • [commercial - multiplatform] Data analysis, visualization, and cross-platform application development software.

  • Starfield Creator

  • A program that creates starfields and colored nebulas for use with your favorite 3D application.

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