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  • Delaware Valley Amateur Astronomers

  • The website for the DVVA. Includes lots of useful astronomy information in addition to info about club events.

  • Alachua Astronomy Club, Inc.

  • A publicly supported, not for profit, amateur astronomy club for people who have a common interest in astronomy. Located in Gainesville, Florida.

  • Andy's Astronomy Page

  • This page is a resource of information for astronomy, astrophotography and general information of what's visible in the skies

  • American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)

  • The largest network of professional and amateur variable star observers in the world; dedicated to the collection, research, and analyses of variable star observations.

  • AstroJet Amateur Astronomical Society

  • Spend an evening with "Adrian the Scopemaster"! Interactive 6 hour astronomical sky tours. Hands on learning about the sky, optical equipment used by amateurs, light polution, viewing techniques, and basic astrophotography.

  • Dave's Astronomy Magazine

  • Monthly updated amateur astronomy site with reviews, "what to see", techniques and weather records dating back to May 1999.

  • Mike Boschat's Astronomy Page

  • My huge compendium of Astronomy Sites.


  • Articles and photographs. Sharing information and pictures is the purpose of my website. I got my start in amateur astronomy in the middle 1980's, and have owned a number of telescopes since that time. I also sold telescopes at the retail level for many years. During that time I became acquainted with the problems and questions that concern many amateur astronomers, especially those just starting out in this interesting hobby.

  • The Eclectic Archives of the Data Plumber

  • Lots of good information on retrofitting cheap and easy GOTO control to telescop mounts.

  • telescope making

  • Amateur telescope making articles and information.

  • Backyard Universe

  • Backyard Universe is the name of a monthly newspaper column written by amateur astronomer Johnny Horne since 1989. the column appears the last Sunday of each month and generally covers upcoming, easlity observable astronomical events.

  • Global Skies - Bringing Astronomy to the Amateur

  • Global Skies will be bringing astronomy back into the domain of the amateur observer. Lots of help and advice on how to get the best from astronomy using equipment available for observing from the garden.

  • Transit of Venus 2004. Canberra, Australia.

  • Here are some images of the 2004 Transit of Venus taken from Canberra, Australia. The transit occured on Tuesday 8 June. The images were taken with a Pentax 330GS digital camera through the 6X30 finder scope of a Celestron C8 telescope. Both the finder scope and main scope had a solar filter covering the objective lens. The solar filter was constructed using Baader Astrosolar film.

  • HobbySpace

  • Information and links regarding amateur activities in astronomy, satellite observation, rocketry, space science, SETI, space radio, amateur and student satellites, and many other space related areas.

  • Colorado School of Mines Astronomy Club

  • An engineering and science school's astronomy club

  • Radio Meteor Observatory

  • The aim of this site is to provide help for those wishing to get started in the detection of Meteors by radio.

  • Team Forsyth Astronomy

  • Amateur Astronomy website. Member of Northern Virginia Astronomy Club. (Novac).

  • Universal Workshop

  • Books on astronomy and more -- the famous annual "Astronomical Calendar", the "Astronomical Companion" with its 3-D illustrations, "The Under-Standing of Eclipses", the children's guide "To Know the Stars"...

  • Digital Astronomy Gallery

  • Includes photos of planets and stars from Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Also, explains film developing techniques and information about the observatory.

  • Absolute Beginners' Astronomy Page

  • Site created by an intermediate observer; contains some of the basics and encourages you to go learn more on your own.

  • Falcon's Nest Space Page

  • Personal notes from a satellite tracking enthusiast.

  • The On-Line Astro Trader

  • Provides computer-searchable wanted, for-sale and for-trade ads for amateur astronomers.

  • Mais Observatory

  • CCD imaging and spectroscopy.

  • AstroCamp UK

  • Fortnightly camp, for astronomers and their families, in August, since 1981.

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