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  • A.L.I.A.I. Association Luxembourgeoise des IngĂ©nieurs, Architectes et Industriels

  • Association of Engineers, Architects and Industrials, Luxembourg

  • Amateur Astronomes Association Seulaset - CCD page

  • This page presents results of our CCD observations in collaboration with WEBT, AAVSO, Minor Planet Center, and VSNET. Our current observing interests are: - Variable stars: time series photometry, multivawelength photometry - Minor planets: NEO astrometry, etc. - Gamma ray burst optical afterglows

  • Hellenic Astronomical Society

  • These pages contain information about the Hellenic Astronomical Society (Hel.A.S.). The Society was established in 1993, is an affiliated member of the European Astronomical Society and is the major organization of professional astronomers in Greece.

  • British Astronomical Association - the voice of amateur astronomy in the UK

  • Formed in 1890, the British Astronomical Association has an international reputation for the quality of its observational and scientific work. Membership is open to all persons interested in astronomy.

  • Middle Atlantic Planetarium Society (MAPS)

  • Regional society of planetarium professionals representing public and school planetariums from Maine to Virginia. Web site contains membership information, upcoming conference information, and other planetarium related material.

  • Minnesota Astronomical Association

  • This is the site for a local group of amateur astronomers.

  • North American Meteor Network (NAMN)

  • NAMN is an informal group of over 500 individuals from across the world. There are no membership fees or dues required. Our primary work is devoted to education and outreach programs, but the Network also collects a large number of meteor and fireball observations. Members are kept up to date through the monthly electronic newsletter NAMN Notes. Meteor watch notices, alerts and other related information is sent out as needed. NAMN also sponsors a very popular mailing list devoted to all topics related to meteors

  • Nippon Meteor Society

  • Society information, reports, information on meteor streams, links to research and observation sites.

  • Southeastern Planetarium Association [SEPA]

  • Includes links to each member site and organization information.

  • The International Astronomical Union (IAU)

  • founded in 1919, has a mission to promote and safeguard the science of astronomy in all its aspects through international cooperation. With now over 8,300 individual members and 60 Adhering Countries worldwide, the IAU plays a key role in promoting and coordinating worldwide cooperation in astronomy. The IAU is also the sole internationally recognised authority for assigning designations to celestial bodies and surface features on such bodies.

  • International Planetarium Society [IPS]

  • Organization of professional planetarians. Contains organization, events, and publications.

  • Utah Skies

  • A very comprehensive collection of information useful and interesting to amateur astronomers, especially those located in Utah. Includes events, news, data and reference materials, and a weekly viewing conditions forecast. Has a special section about light pollution.

  • Southwest Association of Planetariums [SWAP]

  • Contains information and membership list.

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