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  • The Prince Edward Island Health Research Institute

  • The mission of the Prince Edward Island Health Research Institute is to support, promote and enhance quality research related to human health on Prince Edward Island, thereby contributing to the health of Islanders and Canadians and to the economy of the province. The Institute provides support and networking to human health researchers to improve their success rate in major grant-funding competitions.

  • Center on Urban Poverty and Social Change

  • A research and training environment that is strong in collegiality, computing, geographic information and analysis, print/data libraries, and administrative services. We seek to address the problems of persistent urban poverty, how low-income communities affect the well being of residents, and relay policy implications to explore and formulate.

  • Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils

  • The CCLRC is one of Europe's largest multidisciplinary research organisations supporting scientists and engineers world-wide. It operates world-class large-scale research facilities, provides strategic advice to the government on their development and manages international research projects in support of a broad cross-section of the UK research community.

  • Medical Business Advisors, Inc.

  • At MBA, Inc., we recognize that the healthcare industrial complex is in flux as physicians seek to improve office revenues because of managed care. Moreover, the largest transfer of wealth in US history is taking place as mature doctors sell their practice, or inherit parents’ estates. Increasingly, the boundaries of traditional financial planning, and medical practice management, are blurring. Now, more than ever, desperate physicians are turning to multi-disciplined financial-business professionals for help. But, there is no codifying educational program, or unifying designation, that demonstrates integrated subject matter specificity for the unique healthcare advisory niche. Until now! The Institute of Medical Business Advisors, Inc, is dedicated to the education, certification and promotion of professional consultants in the integrated medical management and financial planning arena. With the Certified Medical Planner© (CMP©) specialist designation program, you’ll begin to understand the new financial business paradigm of the medical profession. The certification and knowledge will not only assist you in your existing physician-clients, but the CMP ©designation will also become the ultimate competitive advantage for recruiting new clients into your consulting practice.

  • The Wilds

  • North America's largest conservation facility. This 10,000 acre facility in southeastern Ohio is a living laboratory for endangered species from Afica, Asia, and North America. With a mission to advance conservation through education and science the Wilds is working to manage wildlife populations, study ecosystem health, and restore critical habitats. The facility offers professional training, education camps, and visitor activities.

  • Research Triangle Institute

  • Research Triangle Institute conducts contract research that responds to priorities in medicine and pharmaceuticals, public health, advanced technologies, environmental protection, and public policies. RTI, an independent nonprofit organization, performs research for government, industry and other clients throughout the United States and abroad.

  • Bell Laboratories

  • Corporate research laboratories of Lucent Technologies. Projects, people, history, careers and software.

  • FX Palo Alto Laboratory

  • Contains a listing of affiliations, brief overview, descriptions of research groups, workshops, staff profiles, and employment opportunities.

  • AT&T Labs Research

  • News, people, projects, research areas, and resources from the research division of the American telecom corporation.

  • Protocol Engineering and Technology Unit

  • Design and development of Multimedia Systems, protocol design in wireless environment, Mobile Agents for Multimedia communications, Neural network application in Mobile Networks and VPN. Department of Electrical Communication Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.

  • Hewlett-Packard Labs

  • News and profiles about HP research, technical reports, job openings, and links to divisions.

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