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  • The Institute of Oceanography - University of Calabar/Nigeria

  • The Institute of Oceanography offers B.SC.-, Postgraduate diploma-, M.Sc.- and Ph.D.-programs in Fisheries and Aquaculture, Marine Geology, Marine Chemistry, Physical Oceanography and Coastal Zone Management.

  • Iranian National Center for Oceanography (INCO)

  • INCO aims to coordinate and promote research activities by marine organizations as well as those by academic, educational and research groups on a national scale.

  • National Fisheries University

  • University concerned with training and research in fisheries science, technology and engineering.

  • University of Trieste

  • Department of Oceanology and Environmental Geophysics.

  • Ocean University of Qingdao

  • renowned for its marine sciences and fishery sciences, the university is one of the key comprehensive universities under the direct jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education.

  • Canary-Island Institute of Marine Sciences (ICCM)

  • Oceanography, Coastal Environment, Marine Resources, Aquaculture.

  • National Institute of Ocean Technology

  • NIOT has a commanding presence in the fields of Deep sea technology, Deep sea mining, Coastal zone management, Marine intrumentation, Wave energy, Numerical modelling and simulation.

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