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  • ETI Bio-Informatics Center

  • The ETI Bio-Informatics Center is an NGO in operational relation with UNESCO dedicated to improve the accessibility to quality taxonomic and biodiversity information. ETI develops, in commision, innovative ICT tools for science and education. It is a market leader as publisher of digital knowledge products.

  • WonderQuest

  • What causes tickling? How do you find planets? Does drinking damage brain cells? For answers to these and other conundrums-CHECK OUT WonderQuest

  • Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences

  • Environmental and occupational health issues, including neurotoxicology and immunotoxicology research. Includes education programmes, faculties and profiles of staff contributing within Utrecht University, The Netherlands.

  • Institute of Pharmacology, Polish Academy of Sciences

  • Information about the Institute and its neuropharmacological research, including psychotropic drugs.

  • University of Belgrade Institute for Biological Research

  • Information about the institute's activities, research, and staff. In English and Serbian.

  • Wesleyan University - Biology Department

  • Information on faculty, staff, programs, seminar series, clubs and Wesleyan Women in Science.

  • Wadsworth's Wonderful Worms

  • Neurobiology and extracellular matrix studies in the nematode worm Caenorhabditis elegans. Site includes self-scoring quizzes, worm cartoons and animations.

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