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  • The Leader in Continuing Education

  • Continuing education for dietetic, nursing and behavioral science professionals. Quality, convenient, contemporary self-study courses for the busy, working professional.

  • Canadian Women's Movement Archives

  • Begun in 1977, includes the Archive's history, information about its various holdings, and links to related sites.

  • Glasgow Womens Library

  • Glasgow Women's Library is situated in Glasgow, Scotland. The Library contains books, music and artwork by and about women as well as the Lesbian Archive and Information Centre.

  • Nevada Women's Archives

  • Provides information about the content of the collection, not the documents and artifacts themselves.

  • The Womens Library

  • Information about cultural centre in London housing the most extensive collection of women's history in the UK.

  • The Fawcett Library The National Library of Women

  • The Fawcett Library, the National Research Library for Women's Studies is based at the London Guildhall University in London. The library includes materials on the following subjects: feminism, work, education, health, the family, law, arts, science, technology, language, sexuality, fashion and the home. The main emphasis is on Britain, but many other countries are represented, especially the Commonwealth and the Third World. Contains information about the history of the library, it's collection, a number of short reading lists and details of accessing the collection.

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