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  • National Center on Educational Outcomes

  • The National Center on Educational Outcomes provides national leadership in the participation of students with disabilities in national and state assessments, standards-setting efforts, and graduation requirements.

  • Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research

  • The Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research (MCEER) is a national center of excellence that develops and applies knowledge and advanced technologies to reduce earthquake losses. Headquartered at the University at Buffalo, the Center was established in 1986 by the National Science Foundation (NSF) as the country’s first National Center for Earthquake Engineering Research (NCEER). MCEER unites a group of leading researchers from numerous disciplines and institutions throughout the United States to integrate knowledge, expertise, and interdisciplinary perspective with state-of-the-art experimental and computational facilities in the fields of earthquake engineering and socioeconomic studies. The result is a systematic "engineered" program of basic and applied research that produces solutions and strategies to reduce the structural and socioeconomic impacts of earthquakes. MCEER is principally sponsored by: the NSF, New York State and the Federal Highway Administration, The Center receives additional support from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), other state governments, academic institutions, foreign governments and private industry. The Center’s mission is "to enhance the seismic resiliency of communities through improved engineering and management tools for critical infrastructure systems (water supply, electric power, hospitals). Seismic resilience (technical, organizational, social and economic) is characterized by reduced probability of system failure, reduced consequences due to failure, and reduced time to system restoration."

  • East Montgomery High School

  • 1A High School located in Montgomery County, North Carolina

  • StudentNet Online

  • StudentNet serves educators, parents and students in New South Wales K-12 schools by bringing together links to quality educational websites and other useful or interesting information. We are a service provided by the Association of Independent Schools NSW.

  • Hanover College Psychology Department

  • The web pages for the Hanover College Psychology department. It contains an extensive set of resources for people interested in psychology.

  • American Canoe Association

  • The American Canoe Association is a natiowide, non-profit paddlesport organization dedicated to kayak and canoe education, recreation, and stewardship.

  • Colorado Foundation for Water Education

  • Created in 2002, the Colorado Foundation for Water Education is Colorado's only statewide non-profit, non-advocacy organization providing balanced, accurate water resource information and education. We have publications aimed at a wide audience, links and resources for teachers, events and much more.

  • Davidson Institute for Talent Development

  • The Davidson Institute provides many services for profoundly intelligent children, their parents and their educators.

  • Diversity Council

  • The Diversity Council strives to create an inclusive and welcoming community through education.

  • Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards

  • Non-profit association of government agencies that license and regulate doctors of chiropractic. Includes requirements to obtain or maintain a license to practice chiropractic, also information of general public interest regarding patient rights.

  • TB Education & Training Resources Web Site

  • The TB Education and Training Resources Web site is a service of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Division of Tuberculosis Elimination (DTBE). You can use this site to search for TB education and training materials, order TB materials, and locate information about TB organizations.

  • The Green-e Renewable Energy Certification Program

  • Green-e is the nation's leading renewable electricity certification and verification program and is administered by the non-profit Center for Resource Solutions. Established in 1997, Green-e provides an easy way for consumers to learn about renewable energy options and quickly identify environmentally superior electricity products. Renewable electricity products that are certified by the Green-e Program must meet environmental and consumer protection standards established through the Green-e and Green Pricing (confusing to put GP in at this point) stakeholder advisory process. The Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) is a nonprofit organization that designs and operates national and international programs that support the increased supply and use of renewable energy resources such as wind, solar, biomass, geothermal and low-impact hydroelectric power.

  • Let's Talk Science Partnership Program @ the University of British Columbia (UBC)

  • Let's Talk Science (LTS) is a national registered charitable organization working to develop a society that is scientifically literate and globally competitive, through innovative educational programs, research, and advocacy. The UBC LTS Partnership Program partners graduate students in the sciences with elementary and secondary school teachers for a year-long partnership. Graduate students conduct hands-on activities, run experiments, take field trips, discuss career options, judge science fairs (and do just about any science activity you can think of!) with their teacher partner and their class.

  • Learning is For Everyone, Inc.

  • LIFE, Inc. is a non-profit Florida corporation that supports educational choice and lifelong learning, connecting learners and educators with comprehensive information and resources across a broad range of topics.


  • A comprehensive resource for massage, bodywork, and somatic therapies. Includes 200 definitions of different modalities, a searchable database of more than 350 articles, benefits of massage, massage schools, career information, and state board regulations.

  • National Anti-Vivisection Society

  • Founded in 1875, the National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) is the world’s premier anti-vivisection group, working to expose the futility and cruelty of animal experiments. NAVS campaigns through public education, political lobbying and publicity campaigns. Through its sister organisation, the Lord Dowding Fund for Humane Research (LDF), the group supports better methods of scientific and medical research for testing products and curing disease, which replace the use of animals. e-mail: 261 Goldhawk Road London, W12 9PE Tel: 020 8856 9777 Fax: 020 8846 9712

  • The Nuclear Policy Research Institute

  • This website will provide you with the most current news regarding the medical effects of nuclear power, waste and weapons. It also provides links to other publications regarding these issues, as well as information as to how to get involved in creating a nuclear-free future.

  • Oklahoma Higher Education Student Center

  • The Student Center, provided by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, offers students, parents, teachers and others valuable information on preparing for college, admission requirements, financial aid, college costs, learning resources and more.

  • John Catt Educational Ltd's Schoolsearch

  • is an indispensable guide to independent schools, private schools, boarding schools and international schools in the UK and abroad, offering a broad range of services to parents, students, schools and suppliers. With information on more than 5000 independent schools and colleges

  • The Science House

  • The Science House is a learning outreach project of NC State University. Our mission is to work in partnership with K12 teachers to increase the use and impact of hands-on learning technologies in mathematics and science.

  • TeachKind: A Teacher's Best Friend

  • TeachKind provides a variety of free educational resources and materials for K-12 and college educators, focusing on violence-prevention, character education, humane school policy, and alternatives to dissection.

  • Texas State Aquarium

  • Corpus Christi's number one visitor attraction. Our vision is to inspire appreciation and wise stewardship of the Gulf of Mexico.

  • The Wallace Foundation

  • For more than a decade, The Wallace Foundation has worked to expand learning and enrichment opportunities for all people. Our efforts toward this goal have yielded important insights and lessons, and we have designed our website to make this knowledge more accessible to visitors. We especially invite you to browse the Knowledge Center. It is a repository of field-based evidence of what is working, what is not, and why – not only in our current areas of focus, but in areas where we have worked in the past. The Knowledge Center includes reports based on credible, objective research, as well as stories that highlight the innovative work of our grantee partners. Whether you are a practitioner, policymaker, member of the media, concerned citizen, or researcher – we hope you will find new perspectives and useful lessons that clarify problems and suggest solutions.

  • Center for Science Teaching and Learning

  • CSTL is dedicated to science education and literacy. Provides educators with professional staff development, degrees in science education, summer camps, competion hosting and development, distance learning, extended learning, curriculum resources, exhibits, and consulting.

  • National Science Education Standards - Contents

  • The National Academy of Science provides information on standards and assessment for the professional development of teachers.

  • Celebra La Ciencia

  • The mission of this group is to increase interest of Hispanic youth in science. Includes a list of programs, local branches, advisory board, and links for kids and teachers.

  • Association for the Education of Teachers in Science (AETS)

  • Promoting leadership in, and support for those involved in, the professional development of teachers of science.

  • NIH Office of Science Education

  • Includes curriculum supplements, news, programs, conferences, and exhibits

  • Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education

  • Extensive offerings for research and development in science and mathematics education in India.

  • Science Studies in Ireland

  • Encourages science study through news and activities of Irish Institutes of Technology and provides science links for kids to postgraduates on employments, conferences, publications and grant aid.

  • RAISE - Regional Alliance for Informal Science Education

  • Alliance of organizations, such as museums and nature centers, that are making a difference how science is taught and learned. Includes an event calendar, teachers' lounge, kids' space, and member section.

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