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  • Starlab & Laser Programs for Education

  • A portable planetarium and educational laser programming. Free educational materails and resources for educators.

  • Celestron International

  • Manufacturer of a wide range of telescopes and accessories.

  • Science Art Company

  • Mechanical models of the solar system called "orrery", that depicts the planets and moons of the solar system in different semi-precious stones or solid brass.

  • Meade Instruments Corporation

  • Manufacturer of a wide range of telescopes and accessories.

  • Software Bisque

  • High quality astronomy software and high tech parts and telescopes accessories.

  • Eclipse Masters

  • Designs and manufactures various products in the areas of astronomy, entertainment, optics, as well as unique advertising items.

  • Celestial Planisphere

  • Star maps designed to offer a way to learn all about the stars and galaxies. They all have a coat of phosphorescent paint that makes them glow in the dark.

  • MMI Corporation

  • Educational materials for astronomy including 35mm slides, videos, CD-ROMs, models, planetariums, celestial and planetary globes, murals, spacecraft kits.

  • CUBEX Portable Planetarium

  • Portable astronomical planetarium with inflatable dome.

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