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  • NASA CONNECT™ is a FREE, annual series of math, science, and technology programs emphasizing research-, inquiry- and standards-based instruction for students in grades 6-8. Each program in this Emmy®-award-winning series has three components: (1) a 30-minute television broadcast; (2) an educator guide, including a hands-on activity; and (3) an online activity that reinforces concepts presented in the broadcast.

  • Psychological Research on the Net

  • The oldest, most extensive and most visited listing of online psychological research.

  • Unlimited Learning Resources On line Catalog

  • we offer multimedia educational and training programs to insure quality performance in the areas of medical research, mental health counseling, healthcare, human resources, leadership, financial valuation, Six sigma, DOE, SPC and statistical training.

  • Ohio Scientific Education & Research Association

  • Biomedical and science related information. Free materials for teachers.

  • Science Toys

  • How to make toys (and projects) that demonstrate scientific principles using simple tools and equipment.

  • The Electric Pickle as Will and Idea

  • Philosophical discussion of the meaning of the experiment, and multimedia files (.AVI, .MOV, .WAV) of the results.

  • Lori's Chemistry Page

  • Discussion of various wavelengths of light, comparison of the colors of potassium, sodium, and lithium flames, and QuickTime movie of a demonstration of these concepts, by a high school chemistry teacher. Also has instructions on how to make a glowing pickle.

  • Fun Stuff - Electric Pickle

  • Attributes the origin of the glowing pickle trick to Steve Jacobs, a science educator who arranged for Mr. Wizard to perform the trick on The Tonight Show in 1990. Includes a plot of the sodium emission lines in the spectrum of the emitted light.

  • Vicki Cobb's Science for Kids

  • Some experiments to do. Books which includes these experiments are for sale on the site.

  • Journal of Chemical Education: Glowing Veggies

  • Abstract of article extending prior work on glowing vegetables to non-sodium ions. Intended as an aid to science classroom demonstrations.

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