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  • Custom magnetic shields, laboratory kits, room and wall EMF shields and magnetic shielding materials.

  • Magnetic shield Corporation is the oldest supplier of magnetic shielding materials and solutions. We are ISO 9001 Certified, and work with all disciplines of science, providing laboratory materials and custom shielding designs that mitigate the effects of EMI.

  • ISO:17025 , ISO:9001 approved testing lab

  • We are ISO:17025 , ISO:9001 approved third party independent inspection & testing lab based in India , we expertise in pesticides & drugs residue testing in food , dairy , feed & other organic products . With state of art LCMSMS , GCMSMS , AAS with GTA , HPLC's and other high end equipment we offer these services at a minimal cost .

  • Environmental / Oceanographic Systems and sensors

  • In-situ Nutrient chemistry sensors for Nitrate/Nitrite, Phosphate, Silicate and Ammonium. Water Samplers and buoy systems. Sensor for CO2 longterm uptake measurments in the seas.

  • Dr. Fabrizio Parodi - Chemical R&D Consulting and Technical Services

  • Contract research & development, consulting and analytical services: specialty and commodity plastics, thermosetting resins and rubbers, polymer latexes, isocyanate-derived polymers, polyurethanes, microwave chemistry and processing, custom chemical intermediates and specialty chemicals, microwave chemicals and catalysts, glass fibers and composite materials. Tailored polymeric adhesives and film-formers. Deformulation and reformulation of complex polymeric compounds. Computational chemistry and molecular modeling.

  • Inorganic standards & custom certified reference materials

  • Inorganic Ventures manufactures inorganic standards that are designed to meet the precise needs of nearly any project. Our specialists will custom-blend standards to your exact specifications. All blends ship within five business days, guaranteed.

  • Kosta Oil Field Technologies

  • Kosta Oil Field Technologies, Inc. (KostaTech) is an emerging company in the Oil and Gas Industry backed by talented professionals who have unparalleled state-of-the-art know-how in the area of asphaltenes, waxes, and well-bore related treatments.

  • Spectrum Chromatogaphy

  • Manufacturer of columns, syringes, and instruments for chromatography including the CF-1 Fraction Collector, Glenco syringes, and the Model 280 UV Detector

  • Methanex Corporation

  • Methanex - the global leader in methanol production and marketing.

  • Reade Advanced Materials

  • Manufacturer, global distributor, and value-add custom processor of high purity specialty chemical solids. (powder, granule, crystal, foil, strip, wire, metal, alloy, mineral, ceramic, abrasive, conductive, magnetic, carbide, boride, nitride, oxide, composite, nanoparticle, nanotube, additives, fillers, reinforcements, custom, toll processing, blending, packaging, agglomeration, polymer, enzymes, coated, encapsulated, colloidal, foam, USP, and FCC)

  • Glassblowing Shop

  • McMaster University Glassblowing Shop homepage with a product listing and description of available services.

  • Spectra Systems Corporation

  • Advanced optical material engineering and hardware expertise.

  • TopChem Laboratories Limited

  • Contract research laboratory with expertise in synthetic organic chemistry. Specialising in custom synthesis, process and product development. Extensive experience of pharamaceutical, medical device and fine chemical industries.


  • A directory of chemicals, lab supplies, and other laboratory items. A technical forum, and links to MSDS information are also available. (Registration required for full use, numerous pop-ups)

  • Chemistry Consulting

  • Consultant in Organic Fluorocarbons.

  • Gilson, Inc.

  • Systems for high quality products drug discovery, high throughput, combinatorial chemistry, liquid chromatography and sample preparation. Equipment for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic biochemistry, food, beverage and OEM applications.

  • CSIRO Petroleum -- Petroleum Geochemistry Group

  • Australian-based commercial petroleum exploration firm (a sub-group of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) offering multiple geochemical techniques. Lists analytical capabilities, along with descriptions of how various techniques can be helpful in exploration and oil field appraisal.

  • LGC Reference Materials

  • LGC produces and supplies high quality certified reference materials and biomaterials throughout Europe on behalf of ATCC, USP, EP, NIST and BCR.

  • Lab Works Learning System

  • Sells probe and sensor devices for science labs, as well as curriculum support. Includes product list and prices.

  • Elemental Analysis, Inc.

  • Specialist in trace element identification, quantification, and speciation through application of neutron activation, ICP-MS, X-ray fluorescence, XAFS, and thermal optical reflectance based in Lexington, KY.

  • Fytolab cvba

  • Beltest accredited laboratory specializing in pesticide residue analysis in crops and foodstuff. List of analytes and online submission/reporting at Gent, Belgium.

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