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  • Analytical & Environmental Services

  • Sampling, analysis and technical consultancy for air quality, waste water, drinking water, contaminated land, legionella control, acoustics, vibration and occupational hygiene UKAS and MCERTS accredited (where applicable)

  • Air & Waste Management Association

  • The Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan professional organization that enhances knowledge and expertise by providing a neutral forum for technology exchange, professional development, networking opportunities, public education and outreach to more than 9,000 environmental professionals in 65 countries. A&WMA also promotes global environmental responsibility and increases the effectiveness of organizations to make critical decisions that benefit society. The Mission of A&WMA is to assist in the professional development and critical environmental decision-making of our members to benefit society. The Purpose of A&WMA is to enhance environmental knowledge and provide quality information on which to base environmental decisions.

  • Environmental Standards, Inc.

  • Environmental Standards, founded in 1987, is a specialized environmental consulting firm with service offerings in four key disciplines - Chemistry, Risk Assessment/Toxicology, Geosciences, and Environmental Information Management. Regarding chemistry, our services include laboratory audits, single-blind and double-blind performance evaluation studies, field sampling audits, independent data validation, forensic chemistry consulting, expert testimony, and project-wide quality assurance oversight.

  • Environmental Chemistry at the State University of New York

  • Offering BS, MS, and PhD programs with specialization in environmental chemistry. Research ranges from elementary mechanisms to biogeochemistry, and involves field work, lab work, and modeling.

  • Frontier Analytical Laboratories, Inc.

  • Environmental laboratory specializing in Dioxin/Furan/PCB analysis using HRGCMS. Super low detection limits.

  • Olivier Jacquat Website

  • Presentation of my research project in the soil's chemistry group (ETHZ).

  • Macaulay Land Use Research Institute

  • The Institute is a multidisciplinary-based research institute with soil, plant and animal scientists, geographers, socio-economists and IT specialists all working together under the same roof. This enables us to take a more holistic approach to research on land use than is possible in more discipline-based research organisations. Our multidisciplinary staff resource is one of the great strengths of the Institute and is unique in the UK. The research carried out is an integrated study of the physical, environmental, and social consequences of land use, which is undertaken at various levels of physical, chemical, and biological organisation and its outcome is invariably expressed with reference to location, spatial pattern and distribution. Our research is aimed at meeting the needs of land managers and those formulating and implementing land use policy in the UK and Europe. For example, we provide information for government policy advisers, the heritage agencies, the water industry and the statutory environmental protection agencies at the catchment, regional and national level. A considerable part of our research programme is concerned with the development of decision-support tools (DSTs). In general, these are computer-based models which are being designed to ensure the effective delivery and use of information arising from our research. We are currently developing a variety of ways in which the end users of these DSTs (our customers) can influence their development.

  • Water Soils and Environmental Testing at Wilkes University

  • Comprehensive state-of-the-art biological and chemical analysis of water testing, foods, soils and other environmental samples.

  • Soil and Water Biogeochemistry at the University of Kentucky

  • Conducts research into environmental transport, fate, and remediation of toxic agricultural and industrial chemicals.

  • DAIN Metadatabase of Resources for Environmeantal Chemicals

  • A database of separate databases. Search by type of database, use of chemicals, type of information and/or descriptors.

  • Environmental Biogeochemistry

  • Describes research projects at the University of Aalborg (Denmark) in environmental geochemistry and biogeochemistry, applying physical inorganic and organometallic chemistry to environmental and geological systems.

  • Oak Crest Institute of Science

  • Non-profit environmental chemistry research and education organization.

  • WRc-NSF Ltd

  • Water fitting and materials testing including UK, US and EU standards. Environmental analysis for a wide range of microbes and chemical in waters and solids in Swindon, UK.

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