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  • Doris Benbrook's Web Page

  • This page describes the research in Dr. Benbrook's lab.

  • Herchel Smith Laboratory for Medicinal Chemistry

  • The Herchel Smith Laboratory specialises in developing medical and non-medical applications for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). The website has an introduction to MRI and interactive MRI movie and images. There is also a database of slide presentations and scientific papers.

  • Advanced Research in Chemistry

  • Also looking for a reliable Custom Synthesis partner? In the past decades ARC Laboratories B.V. has build up massive know how on synthesis of specialty chemicals from mg scale up to 100 Kg in the field of Chemistry, Pharmacy and Nutrition: Sulfonics Vitamins Peptides Drugs Porphyrines Metabolic tracers Carbohydrates We can also label these compounds with Stable Isotopes carbon-13, nitrogen-15 or Deuterium. Our team of specialists is eager to challenge your chemical problems at both research and production level. We are very interested to discuss your chemical needs and research projects with you that may lead to a fruitful collaboration. In case you have actual requirements or demands for the (near) future, please do not hesitate contacting our sales manager Jeffrey Kolkman via

  • American Society of Clinical Pathologists

  • ASCP, membership, Board of Registry, programs, publications and general information.

  • College of American Pathologists

  • CAP materials and services, laboratory improvement and education.

  • HLA Lab Software

  • Laboratory management software to track all patient and sample data for HLA clinical and research labs.

  • UCSD Biochemical Genetics

  • List of Biochemical Genetics laboratory services.

  • Hitech Bio-Services Inc. Engineering Maintenance Services

  • Third party engineering maintenance services for scientific, analytical, diagnostics instruments in the field of biotechnology, bio-research and biomedical.

  • Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists

  • The CSCC provides leadership in the practice of clinical biochemistry and clinical laboratory medicine through service, education and research. Contains a Virtual Chemist's Library, the society's position papers, membership information and links.

  • American Association of Blood Banks

  • An international association of blood banks that supports high standards of medical, technical and administrative performance, scientific investigation, clinical application and education.

  • Protect Children from Iron Poisoning

  • FDA website for protecting Children from Iron Poisoning. Warnings and preventive measures.

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