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  • Clarke Lab

  • Research in Dr. Clarke's laboratory focuses on the interactions of transition metal ions with biologically important molecules. The new knowledge learned is applied to the development of metallopharmaceuticals. For example, glutathione, which occurs in millimolar concentrations in cells, can either facilitate or hinder DNA binding by transition metal anticancer agents. Transferrin, which transports Fe3+ in the blood, also serves as a Trojan horse to provide some metal ions, such as Ru3+, preferential entry into tumor cells. Some ruthenium complexes appear to be selectively toxic to tumors by being activated by reduction by the tumor itself to bind to nucleic acids. Ruthenium complexes induce new modes of hydrolysis and oxidation, which may cut or otherwise damage DNA. The paramagnetism of RuIII also affects the NMR resonances of coordinated nucleotides so as to probe molecular orbital interactions. Applying sensitive electrochemical techniques to Ru-DNA adducts reveals that this metal can migrate within the DNA as a function of its oxidation state. Such interactions point toward the development of new transition metal agents bound to transferrin and then activated by the tumor to interfere with its DNA metabolism and possibly induce cell death by apoptosis.

  • Solid State Chemistry

  • This page contains information about inorganic solid state chemistry, including crystallography, physical properties, chemical bonding and electronic band structure of solids

  • Hicks research group, Chemistry Department, University of Victoria

  • our research group is interested in the design and synthesis of new inorganic molecular materials with unusual or desirable electrical, magnetic, or optical properties.

  • Inorganic Ventures - Inorganic standards and custom ceritified reference materials

  • We manufacture inorganic standards that are designed to meet the precise needs of nearly any project. Our specialists will custom-blend standards to your exact specifications. All blends ship within five business days, guaranteed.

  • Selected Classic Papers from the History of Chemistry

  • Including many for early to present atomic hypothesis and the discrete nature of matter.

  • Linus Carl Pauling

  • (1901 - 1994) 1954 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his research into the nature of the chemical bond and its application to the elucidation of the structure of complex substances.USA, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA, USA.

  • Working out the Structure of the Atom

  • A summary of the foundations for our understanding of atomic structure.

  • Tetraethyl lead and MTBE

  • Structure and importance as an additive to petroleum.

  • Geopolymer Institute

  • Coordinates the fundamental research in mineral polymer chemistry, and promotes applied research made with industrial companies.

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