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  • Primase, DnaB Helicase, and SSB pages

  • This page has links to summaries of bacterial primase, DnaB helicase, and SSB. The pages contain information about function, structure, and sequences of these proteins and to the researchers who work on them.

  • NMR of proteins in solution

  • Our laboratory specializes on the atomic-resolution structure-dynamics investigations of biomolecular systems in solution using Ultra High Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance technology. Our main focus is the development of the advanced solution NMR techniques such as TROSY to attack challenging biological problems

  • Optimal Breathing Chemistry

  • Breathing chemistry can be greatly improved using manual and biofeedback techniques.

  • German Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (GBM)

  • The GBM is the association of about 5500 (mainly German) scientist working in the fields of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. The GBM-homepage offers a wide range of information about the society, meetings, universities, student activities and public affairs related to the topic.

  • Reference Diagnostics, Inc

  • Reference Diagnostics, Inc. (RDI) is a research and development company, focused on creating better products for clinical diagnostic laboratories worldwide. Since 1988, RDI has been a leading innovator for in-vitro diagnostic products. In response to the National Cholesterol Education initiative, RDI was the first company to introduce an FDA cleared product for directly measuring LDL cholesterol, which offers the advantage of eliminating the uncertainty associated with the traditional Friedewald calculation. RDI was also the first to eliminate the tedious centrifugation requirement for HDL cholesterol measurements. By introducing on-line magnetic separation of lipoproteins, we set the course for highly automated assessment of cardiac risk factors. RDI has since become a leading supplier of Direct HDL and Direct LDL cholesterol reagents as well; the first to introduce Elimination Technology for removing interference caused by other common lipoproteins. Building on this strong base, RDI has made similar advancements in simplifying the measurement of Total Iron-Binding Capacity (TIBC). This is an important test for both iron-deficiency anemia and for hemochromatosis, one of the world’s most common genetic disorders. Without compromise, the TIBC products from RDI have effectively improved laboratory efficiency by incorporating the convenience of either magnetic separation, or the new Direct TIBC assay. RDI continues to develop novel technologies and proprietary products while establishing strong distribution relationships in support of our goal to better serve the clinical diagnostic laboratory.

  • Expert witness - Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Polymers

  • EXPERT WITNESS. Specializing in patent infringement, trade secret and product liability cases, Dr. Benson has worked for both plaintiff and defendant. He has knowledge of patent law and is inventor or co-inventor of issued patents. He has knowledge of trade secret law and its evolution from the First Restatement of Torts. He is expert in biochemical matters and in biomedical applications including latex allergies, gastrointestinal ruptures and keratin chemistry. He is also expert in chemistry matters including polymers, porous polymers, natural rubber latex, carbon fibers, coatings, drag reducing agents, polymer films and chromatography. Dr. Benson has trial experience, deposition experience, expert report experience, evidentiary (402) hearings, and case strategy experience. He has prepared and edited technology videos for courtroom presentations. He is knowledgeable of a wide range of chemical and physical analytical methods and can assist clients in evaluating and testing compounds in dispute. Dr. Benson also has a background in business, and has directed chemical research, quality control and manufacturing operations. Special skills: Dr. Benson has outstanding writing skills and exhibits the ability to explain complex technology in simple terms. Details of his experience, education, expert testimony, publications and references can be found at website (see link).

  • Molecular Toolbox

  • Links to programs and databases for online analysis of DNA, RNA and protein sequences from Pittsburg, PA.

  • Lorne Conference on Protein Structure and Function

  • Details of 29th annual meeting to be held for five days in Lorne, Australia.

  • AllExperts Molecular Biology Q&A

  • Scientists and scholars volunteer to answer questions related to molecular biology.

  • BioScience Research Tool

  • Molecular Biology page of directory for online tools and resources from Hannover, Germany.

  • Federation of Asian and Oceanian Biochemistry and Molecular Biologists

  • FAOBMB is one of four regional associations of the International Union Of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (IUBMB).

  • What is a Genome

  • Overview from company offering tools and solutions for proteomics.

  • UM-BBD: Biocatalysis/Biodegradation Database

  • Microbial enzyme-catalyzed reactions and compounds, FAQ and related resources at the University of Minnesota.

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