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  • SynGen program for generating organic syntheses

  • SynGen accepts any target structure and quickly produces all shortest synthesis routes from its catalog of 25,000 commercially available starting materials. The shortest routes require all reactions to be skeletal bond constructions, and all possible reaction changes are incorporated in generating these. The input and output are all organic structure graphics.

  • American ChemTech

  • American ChemTech has business activities in the following fields. 1. OLED/PLED production: American ChemTech is the producer and supplier of OLED and/or PLED chemicals for display researchers and display industry. 2. Technology transfer: American ChemTech helps technology owners or inventors to commercialize their technologies in the fast growing Chinese market. 3. Product distribution: American ChemTech has extensive distribution network in China; new products from US, Europe, Japan, and other countries are constantly added to our list to be sold in China. 4. Fine and specialty chemicals: American ChemTech has manufacturing partners in China to manufacture specialty chemicals; with our own research facility in the USA the number of the fine and specialty chemicals for pharmaceutical and chemical industry increases quickly to satisfy our customer demand.

  • Better Chemistry

  • Organically grown, see how wavelengths produce reaction in listeners.

  • Consulting Chemist

  • Consultant in Organic Fluorocarbons, Aroma Chemical Manufacture, Process Chemistry, Analytical Control, Hydrogenation, Distillation, Filtration, Chemical Reactions, Extraction, Scale-up, Pilot Plant, and Research. Expert Witmess.

  • Ryss Lab Inc.

  • a contract pharmaceutical / biotech outsourcing Company, serving the organics synthesis and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API),building blocks, intermediates, synthetic peptides, amino acid derivatives, analytical chemistry. we provide service per project or per full Time Equivalent (FTE) under cGMP qualitification.Ryss also offers MMP inhibitors (matrix metalloproteinases ) of GM6001, GM1489, AG3340, BB2116, BB94, CGS27023A, RO379790, TAPI0, TAPI1, TAPI2, G1129471, KOIX734 which are a class of structurally related enzymes that function in the degradation of extracellular matrix proteins that constitute connective tissue. In many preclinical and clinical studies, increased MMP activity has been detected in a wide range of cancers including lung, prostate, breast, head and neck, ovarian, and pancreas and correlated to their invasive and metastatic potential. Therefore, MMPs may be useful targets as a new class of inhibitory drugs.

  • CombiChem Lab

  • Reviews, links and news in combinatorial chemistry, high and ultra-high throughput screening, and lab automation.

  • Institut für Theoretische Physik der Universität

  • Quasicrystals and Symmetry, a technical discussion about quasicrystals.

  • Expereact : Electronic Laboratory Notebook

  • Laboratory management program that includes functions for stock keeping, a laboratory notebook, and search tools for products or reactions records. User guide, screen shots, and demo available.

  • Fritz Haber

  • (1868-1934) Nobel prize of 1918 "for the synthesis of ammonia from its elements", i.e., from nitrogen and hydrogen. Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institut (now Fritz-Haber-Institut) für physikalische Chemie und Electrochemie Berlin-Dahlem, Germany.

  • Heterocyclic Communications - An International Journal in Heterocyclic Chemistry

  • Publishes preliminary communications and full length research papers containing original high-level research results conveying significant developments on all phases of heterocyclic chemistry including inorganic ring systems.

  • Ecdybase (The Ecdysone Handbook)

  • A free online ecdysteroids database. Includes ecdysteroid containing products catalogue.

  • Hydride complexes

  • Part of the 'The Organometallic HyperTextBook'. Hydride complexes contain a metal-hydrogen bond, but are not necessarily hydridic in nature. By Rob Toreki, University of Kentucky, USA.

  • CFCC Organic Chemistry

  • Links to organic chemistry sites.

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