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  • Acme Worm Farm

  • Compost worms, vermicomposting equipment and supplies, free unlimited technical support.

  • DFID Crop Post-Harvest Programme

  • Managed by NR International Ltd, the Crop Post-Harvest Programme is one of ten research programmes funded by the UK Department of International Development. Our two intertwined strands of research aim to strengthen innovation systems and address technical and socio-economic post-harvest constraints in Asia and Africa.

  • Sun Combustion Environmental Systems

  • Incineration systems for environmental and other wastes. Thermal processing and recovery systems.

  • Integrated Farming Information Network

  • A forum for information, information exchange and development in integrated farming in Europe.

  • Irrigation Association of Australia

  • Provides information about the irrigation industry and standard practices.

  • Arid Region Farming Primer

  • A set of pages on practices of cultivation for arid and semiarid lands.

  • Trimble Precision Agriculture

  • Describes in-field guidance and intelligent farm management services.

  • No-Tillage Farming for Sustainable Land Management

  • Detailed FAO account of how soil erosion and other problems have been alleviated in Brazil.

  • Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas

  • A short paper overviewing what a CSA is and what it takes to get one going from a farmers perspective. Includes a good bibliography of resources. Prepared in 1997 by Lane Greer of Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

  • SST

  • Provides desktop and field software for precision agriculture applications.

  • New Zealand Centre for Precision Agriculture

  • NZCPA is a precision agricultural department within Massey University. Provides commercial mapping services and undergraduate and postgraduate research and teaching opportunities.

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