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  • CropWatch

  • University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension Newsletter on crop production and pest management. Published throughout the crop production season and updated throughout the winter.

  • AGRI-associates, Inc.

  • Recruitering firm of agricultural business professionals and consultants to the ag and food industries. Over 35 years of experience and offices serving the United States and Internationally.

  • Australian Native Produce Industries

  • unfortunately will be closing down as the Nursery has closed and the company sold off.

  • Myers Farm Balage Production

  • Myers farm specializes in alfalfa balage production. We strive to maintain a high level of management and to consistently produce a high quality product.

  • Peal Engineering Ltd

  • Manufacturer and suppliers of potato and vegetable handling equipment. From concept to completion

  • Washington State Potato Commission

  • Information on the Washington State potato industry, including research, nutrition, recipes, growing and industry data.

  • Catholic Educator's Resource Center: Population

  • Food is more abundant and cheaper today than ever before in history due to a dramatic improvement in agricultural productivity that swept the globe in the 1960s.

  • Tobacco Information Site

  • Site with information on subjects including tobacco history, cultivation, aging, curing, US tobacco industry.

  • The Fava Bean Project

  • Information on the nutritional benefits of fava beans and how to grow them.

  • ARIA Cereals and Arable Farming Information

  • ARIA links arable crop farmers to research scientists and information on pests and diseases, particularly in cereals.

  • Small-scale Oilseed Processing

  • Describes the basic processes involved in oilseed processing.

  • USDA Sugarcane Field Station

  • Includes research staff and personnel listing, pathology, sustainable agriculture information, and cultivars in production. Florida.

  • Potato and onion storage

  • Agricultural refrigeration and ventilation equipment for potato and onion storage. Personally designed using skid units, Cropscan temperature controls, motorised louvres, mixer boxes, and fans.

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