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  • Cattle Today!

  • Info for cattle producers.

  • Prairie Feed Resource Centre

  • Site of the Prairie Feed Resource Centre, featuring research and development news and resources.

  • Animal Welfare Information Center (AWIC).

  • The main focus of the AWIC website includes scientific-based information resources in support of the U.S. Animal Welfare Act which covers animals used in research, testing, higher education, zoos and circuses and marine mammals on exhibit. In addition, there is more general information on animals in production systems and pets. The types of information includes bibliographic information and links to databases nd other types of carefully selected resources.

  • Miniature donkeys and custom made harness

  • We specialize in raising only top quality dark, black and spotted miniature donkeys. I also custom make leather and Beta harness for all sizes of donkeys, horses and goats.

  • Alpacas at Stargzaer Ranch and Live Barn Cam

  • Learn about alpacas and monitor our birthing stall on the live Barn Cam. Stargazer Ranch is located on the "front Range" in Colorado just North of Denver in Loveland.


  • The hub of the Internet for Arabian trainers, breeders and enthusiasts! Affordable webdesign and hosting.

  • Animal Waste Managment System by Bion

  • Bion has a microaerobic/anoxic process for CAFOs which converts over 95% of the phosphorus in manure into harvestable solids and converts most of the nitrogen into nitrogen gas or harvestable solids while producing only 0.14 lbs of ammonia, 0.4 pounds of H2S and 0.02 pounds of non-methane VOCs per 1,000 pound live animal weight per year. This technology is installed on 18 dairies, the largest of which is 3,700 cows and 3 large swine farms.

  • Brown Egg Blue Egg

  • Silkies and Bantam Araucanas - Images, Health Articles, Links, Show Dates, and Stories about Silkies, Araucanas, Chickens, and Poultry

  • Concept for Pharmacy Ltd.

  • Disinfection agents for Veterinary, Agriculture, Food industry and Human Use. Our New Blue Series line of products are an innovative way to disinfect. All products are based on an organic chlorine compound together with a world patented color indicator.

  • The Dairy Authority

  • A web site detailing the services provided by The Dairy Authority. The Dairy Authority is a group specializing in milk quality, consulting, monitoring and clinical work of everything related to the dairy industry.

  • Dorothy Goldie

  • To maintain Society Herdbook and promote Galloway Cattle

  • Mini-Donkey Breeders Listing

  • We are the largest Breeders listing for miniature Donkeys on the internet. You can find breeders in your area, show dates, and classified ads.


  • Mexican company dedicated to the production of incubators for all kinds of bird species (chicken, ostrich, & quail, among others). Our equipments are manufactured with high technology devices and premium quality materials.

  • Lazy JV Ranch - Small Livestock Supplies

  • Working Equipment, Supplies, Feed, etc. For goats, sheep and other small livestock. Lots of information on Painted Desert Sheep.

  • The Lucky Three Ranch

  • Teach Your Mules Amazing Things! The Lucky Three Ranch website provides a wide variety of knowledge and educational materials that deal with mules and donkeys but are also applicable to horses, ponies and other equines.

  • Middle East Agrifood Publishers

  • The site contains the Abstract of three Magazines published by MEAP: Middle East Agri-Food Publishers. The three magazines are respectively: 1- Dawagen: (Poultry Middle East and North Africa), 2- Abkar wa Aghnam (Bovine and Ovine for the Arab speaking world) and Al Ghiza' El Sohi (Health and Nutrition) a Scientific magazine for human nutrition.

  • Gails Mini-Donkey Ranch

  • We have raised miniature donkeys for 11 years, and oh what a thrill it has been. We have mini-donkeys for sale all year. All of our donkeys are hand raised and fully vaccinated, including West Nile. Specializing in the original foundation color, gray-dun. We feel it is more true to the original Sicilian Miniature Donkey. Our herd sire is "Gails Senor Diablillo EL Dudenheimer" He is a 31" gray dun. He has a small beautiful face and his structure and wonderful temperament is shown in all of his offspring. We also now have Olde English Miniature Babydoll Southdown Sheep. Visit our website or in person, for visitors are always welcome. Mini-donkeys will change your life forever.

  • Mohrlang Mnf.

  • Mohrlang Manufactures and sells Mixer Feeders, Manure Spreaders,Clean Sweep Bunk Sweepers, Delivery Boxes, Commodity Boxes, converyors, Electronic Scales

  • Morrison Farm

  • Agricultural farming site. Beef cattle, corn, soybeans, barley and haying operation.

  • New Mexico State University Dairy Extension

  • Information regarding the dairy industry in New Mexico

  • Stallion Station

  • The upper midwest's premier stallion listing site featuring over 170 stallions from all over the US and participating countires. Affordable Website Design and hosting.

  • Sudenga Grain, Feed and Seed Handling Equipment

  • Manufacturing agricultural equipment for over 100 years! Sudenga Industries manufactures a complete line of grain, feed and seed handling equipment including portable augers, bucket elevators, bulk feed bodies, micro ingredient systems and mixers, seed belt conveyors and seed tenders

  • The Mule Store

  • Like mules and donkeys? Great shopping and information about these most important animals of our early ag history.

  • Whitfield Aberdeen Angus Herd

  • A virtual farm tour

  • Manual de Lombricultura

  • Online teaching in vermiculture offered by an Argentinian institution.

  • South West Snail Supply

  • Pictures of a snail growing operation (no longer in business) and the story of the trials and tribulations of a novice snail-rancher.

  • Grass Growth and Response to Grazing

  • Information about practices to help ensure that grazing livestock in Colorado harvest only part of the perennial forage crop to maintain the health and vigor of grasses.

  • University Entomology Programs

  • Directory of available programs.
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