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  • Human-Computer Interaction Bibliography

  • The HCI Bibliography is a free-access online bibliographic database on Human-Computer Interaction. The basic goal of the Project is to put an electronic bibliography for most of HCI on the screens of all researchers, developers, educators and students in the field through the World-Wide Web

  • Raju Rangaswami

  • Raju Rangaswami's page

  • Human Interface Technology Lab NZ

  • The Human Interface Technology Laboratory New Zealand (HIT Lab NZ) is a human-computer interface research centre hosted at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand. The HIT Lab NZ is revolutionising the way people interact with computers, by creating cutting-edge interfaces to: enhance human capabilities vanquish human limitations increase the flexibility and utility of industry’s existing products The HIT Lab’s multi-disciplinary approach to research and education facilitates an entrepreneurial climate, which fosters a wealth of innovative ideas. Currently the lab is working on a range of projects in collaboration with industry and academia. One of the HIT Lab’s key goals is to expedite economic development within New Zealand as well as internationally by transitioning breakthrough interface technologies to industry.

  • Informedia Digital Video Library Project

  • Research publications of the Informedia Digital Video Library Project at Carnegie Mellon University. Informedia researches and develops digital video understanding technologies, and is currently applying them to the domains of education, health care defense intelligence, and the coordinating and understanding of human activity.

  • New Zealand Digital Library

  • Indexes 50,000 on-line tech reports from institutions archives - full-text search.

  • LMS Journal of Computation and Mathematics

  • An electronic journal published by the London Mathematical Society covering all areas where mathematics and computation meet.

  • CS Bibliographic Collections

  • A small index from Simon Fraser University.

  • The Journal of Conceptual Modeling

  • A free web publication devoted to conceptual modeling issues, database analysis techniques, and database design.

  • Computer Science Technical Reports Archive Sites

  • List of 300 tech reports archives by institutions (1995).

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