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  • Statwood Consulting

  • Statistical consulting service, especially in data analysis of engineered systems with applications to probabilistic risk assessment. Located in Silver Spring, Maryland.

  • Training Sessions in Statistics

  • Creascience offers applied training sessions in statistics for non-statisticians. We offer public sessions and onsite sessions. We support several statistical software.

  • Juarez Lincoln Marti International Education Project

  • The JLM Int'l Ed Project is completely dedicated to train math, stats and science faculty of mainly smaller, poorly endowed, higher education institutions in Latin America, to send textbooks to their libraries and to provide updated education information, in Spanish.

  • Creascience:: Biostatistics and Quantitative Methods

  • Throughout the years we have developed a renowned expertise in sensory evaluation and in market research for efficient product development and marketing and in providing support for biotechs and the pharmaceutical industry. There are two ways of exploring what Creascience can do for you: Take a look at the Services we offer or get a more detailed description of our services in specific fields such as biotech and the pharmaceutical industry in the Solutions.

  • Far West Research: Statistical Consulting

  • Design of studies, experiments and surveys (including questionnaire design) Statistical analysis and modeling Statistics instruction

  • Statistics to use

  • Brief descriptions of statistical tests followed by online calculators.

  • Journal of Statistics & Management Systems

  • The Journal of Statistics & Management Systems is published in one volume per year of three issues in the months of March, July and November. Original research papers, survey articles, book reviews, dissertation abstracts etc. devoted to all theoretical and applicable topics in Statistics, Management Systems and related areas are considered for publication in this journal.

  • University of Texas, Statistical Resources

  • University of Texas at Austin, ITS Research Consulting, Statistical and Mathematical Support home page: Provides links to statistical software tutorials, statistical FAQs, home pages for commercial and public software, and many other on-line statistical resources.

  • The Virtual Statistician

  • The Virtual Statistician is an innovative membership formula to access support and tutoring in statistics. Targeted Audience: Mainly non-statisticians: researchers, research assistants, professors, professionnals.

  • Latent Class Analysis and Latent Class Models

  • Resource for applied researchers and statisticians interested in the statistical method, Latent Class Analysis.

  • Saunak Sen

  • Center for Bioinformatics and Molecular Biostatistics, San Francisco. Iinterest in applications of statistics to genetics/genomics.

  • StatsDirect

  • Comprehensive, multi-functional statistical software with online statistical help/guide.

  • Statistica

  • Book, with worked examples and courses are specially designed for the non-mathematicians. Includes excerpts and ordering information.

  • Statistically Significant Consulting, LLC

  • Steven D. Creech offers statistical consulting services with an emphasis in health care research.

  • IASE Roundtable 2004

  • The International Association for Statistical Education Roundtable on Curricular Development in Statistics Education. Lund, Sweden; 28 June -- 3 July 2004.

  • HyperStat Online

  • Introductory hypertext statistics book. Each chapter contains links to related materials including educational demos and web-based statistical analysis programs.

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