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  • Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Stellenbosch

  • Homepage of the Applied Matheamtics Department of the Unviersity of Stellenbosch. Includes course information and staff & graduate student homepages.

  • Department of Mathematics at Grand Valley State University

  • Located in west Michigan, our department is a large, strong, student oriented department. Our website features information for current and prospective students and faculty, as well as links to faculty generated curriculum materials and activities.

  • Institute of Applied Mathematics, UBC

  • Offers interdisciplinary graduate (Masters/Ph.D.) and research programmes in Applied Mathematics at the University of British Columbia.

  • Department of Mathematical Sciences

  • Internet page of the Mathematics Department at Indiana-Purdue University

  • Department of Mathematical Sciences, Binghamton University

  • Webpages of our Department, including links to our undergraduate and graduate programs, and to individual faculty members. We are a university center of the State University of New York.

  • Department of Mathematical Sciences, Binghamton University

  • Webpages of our Department, including links to our undergraduate and graduate programs, and to individual faculty members. We are a university center of the State University of New York.

  • Memorial University of Newfoundland : Department of Mathematics & Statistics

  • Welcome to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics We offer courses leading to major and honours degrees in both the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Arts, with concentration in applied mathematics, pure mathematics, and statistics. Currently 162 undergraduate students and 34 graduate students are enroled in many of our 23 different possible degree programs. With 16,000 students (including 1,600 graduate students), 1,000 faculty, and annual research grants and contracts exceeding $35 million, Memorial University is the largest university in Atlantic Canada. Those interested in opportunities for research or collaboration may be interested in the Research section of the Web site.

  • Faculty of Science Section of Mathematics

  • Home page: Masaryk University, Faculty of Science, Section of Mathematics

  • Ohio University Department of Mathematics

  • All you need for taking mathematics courses at Ohio University.

  • Institute of Mathematics / University of Zurich

  • -

  • Department of MAthematics, Washington University

  • Math Department Website

  • İTÜ Matematik Bölümü

  • ITU, Department of Mathematics

  • Math Dept, UT Austin

  • The faculty of the Mathematics Department comprises 53 regular, full-time members and a varying number of emeritus, temporary or part-time members. Several individuals have joint appointments with other departments, such as Computer Sciences, Curriculum and Instruction, and General Business. Approximately 100 graduate students are currently enrolled in degree programs in the Department. For the most part, recent recipients of Ph.D.s from the Department have found employment teaching in colleges and universities. Holders of Texas Master's Degrees in Mathematics represent a wide variety of professions, working as teachers at the primary, secondary or junior college level, statisticians, actuaries, and computer programmers, to name a few. Others have continued their educations at Texas or elsewhere in pursuit of doctorates. In 1984 the University launched a major program to spur development in a few designated thrust areas of science and engineering, one of which was Mathematics. To serve as centerpiece for this effort, the administration created thirty-two handsomely endowed chair positions. The Department of Mathematics was awarded four of the chairs. These positions are currently filled by individuals of universally recognized distinction: Luis Caffarelli, Cameron Gordon, John Tate and Karen Uhlenbeck. The program of chairs has stimulated faculty recruitment at all levels. In 1993 the University established an interdisciplinary program for graduate education and research in Computational and Applied Mathematics (CAM). Jerry Bona, one of the nation's most respected applied mathematicians, was appointed to fill the first Chair in Computational and Applied Mathematics and thereby to assume the leadership in developing the Department's contribution s to the CAM endeavor. At the same time, the College of Engineering hired into Chair positions two premier numerical analysts, Ivo Babushka and Mary Wheeler, to advance its build-up in the CAM area. New University initiatives are now underway in Digital Science and Computational Biology. These are expected to have a broad interface with Mathematics and the CAM program.

  • University of Washington, Department of Statistics

  • Website of the Department of Statistics of the University of Washington.

  • (Azerbaijan) Khazar University

  • Department of Mathematics.

  • (Namibia) University of Namibia

  • Department of Pure and Applied Mathematics. Staff list, course modules.

  • (Moldova) Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science

  • Research topics, publications, news, links.

  • College of Micronesia

  • Division of Natural Science and Mathematics.

  • University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus

  • Department of Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics.

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