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  • Mathematics at Montclair State University

  • My website has a series of links to other topics under Courses/Math 103.

  • Ethan Bolker

  • Mathematician interested in combinatorics and geometry. Computer scientist interested in performance modeling, software engineering and CS1 in Java.

  • Fractal Explorer homepage

  • Fractal Explorer is a freeware fractal-generation program. With FE you can render classical Mandelbrot/Julia fractals, Ā«strangeĀ» attractors and quaternions (4D-complex fractals). This tool is not for professional only. Beginners will able to join to the beautiful world of math. Have fun!

  • Mathematics, Conic Sections

  • A device for drawing and teaching the conic sections (the hyperbola, parabola, ellipse, and in theory the circle).

  • Trigonometry

  • A series of devices to intuitively illustrate the changing relationships of the six trig functions.

  • Jie Wu

  • RESEARCH INTERESTS: Algebraic Topology and Group Representation Theory.

  • Website of Richard S. Ellis, Dept. of Math. & Stat., UMass Amherst

  • This website focuses on my work in mathematics as well as my interests in Judaic Studies, literature, and spirituality.

  • Home Page of Joel M. Cohen

  • Starting point for links to my courses, bibliography, etc.

  • Kiselman

  • Home pages in four languages (Swedish, Esperanto, English, and French) describing the scientific achievements, Curriculum Vitae and bibliography of Christer Kiselman, Professor of Mathematics at Uppsala University, Sweden.

  • Anand's homepage @ Mathematics Department @ NMT

  • This is a website of a Master of Science Student in Industrial Mathematics at NMT. It has links to the courses taught as a TA and other relevant documents.

  • School of Public Health

  • New York Medical College's School of Public Health offers courses in both Health Informatics and Epidemiology

  • Mathematics and Technology Resource

  • College Mathematics

  • Mathematicsl Sciences Who's Who

  • This book aims to fulfil the need of researchers working in mathematical sciences to keep liaison not only with the reasearchers working in their area but also to keep themselves abreast of the latet fields of research in mathematical sicneces. Contains some 505 entries and records in a unique form the biographical information of mathematical scientists from as many as 52 countries alongwith their fields of interest and specialization, the quantum of work done, their affiliations etc.

  • Alexander Soifer Homepage

  • Mathematics Competitions, Mathematical competition (olympiad type), combinatorics, combinatorial geometry are features

  • Colorado Mathematical Olympiad

  • It's the largest essay-type mathematical competition in the United States, with 600 to 1,000participants competing annually for prizes, hosted by UCCS. Participants are offered 5 problems and given 4 hours to solve them. Problems of great differing difficulty, and arranged them from the easiest problem, 1, to the most difficult problem, 5.

  • Safarov, Yuri

  • King's College of London. Online book covers eigenvalues in partial differential equations. Other publications cover basic, real and Fourier analysis. In pdf format.

  • Dewdney, A.K.

  • Deductive science.

  • Norwegian Mathematicians

  • Based on the University of Oslo.

  • Conversation with J.L. Doob

  • Transcript of a conversation between J. Laurie Snell and Joseph L. Doob, where the latter describes various stages of his life and career.

  • Daniel R. Reynolds

  • Includes resume, curriculum vitae and online papers (in French). Rice University department of computational and applied mathematics.

  • The Permutation Homepage

  • A ring of mathematical home pages.

  • Wolfram Research, Inc.

  • Home page for the integrated technical computing software company founded and led by Stephen Wolfram.

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