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  • Avian Technologies LLC

  • Optical standards, diffuse coatings and materials, optical components and systems including integrating spheres, LED and LCD measurement systems.


  • Manufacturer of Hardness Testers for metals Coating thickness meters Ultrasonic thickness gauges

  • Simply Rheology

  • Fluid Dynamics is a rheology testing and contract research laboratory in complex fluids technology. Also, home of the T2SR rheometer - rheometry for R&D and QC.

  • Laboratory Research Vacuum Furnaces

  • Inexpensive high temperature air cooled benchtop laboratory vacuum furnaces for use up to 1000C, 1200C, 1500C, or 2200C depending on the model. Suitable for brazing, sintering, annealing, and other high temperature processes.

  • Consultant for silicon crystal growth, materials, defects, impurities and Si photovoltaics

  • Siliconsultant provides consulting services in┬ásilicon crystal growth, materials research, defects, impurities, and photovoltaic materials. Consulting is available in both conventional and new approaches to silicon crystal growth, including multicrystalline silicon ingot solidification, Si ribbon growth by various methods, float zone (FZ) silicon growth, Czochralski single crystal silicon growth and other methods.

  • SMTL -Medical Device Testing Lab

  • SMTL is the only NHS laboratory in the UK dedicated to the testing and evaluation of surgical dressing and medical disposables. In addition to its "All Wales" NHS role, the services offered by the laboratory are also available to other NHS bodies outside Wales, as well as commercial organisations who require independent product examination or evaluation. SMTL can provide a full range of test services on medical and surgical disposable items, as well as associated research and development activities. Examples of product groups handled by the laboratory include: 1. hydrocolloid dressings and hydrogels 2. bandages 3. catheters 4. examination and surgical gloves 5. medical fabrics Other services include microbiological and bio-compatibility studies, clinical trials and test method development.

  • Epsilon Technology Corp.

  • Extensometers for tensile testing and other types of materials testing. Includes COD gages for fracture mechanics, deflectometers and compressometers. Also extensometers for high temperature testing.

  • Invrenture Laboratories Inc.

  • Polymer film biaxial stretcher, windows-based control/analysis software, brushless linear servo motors (no messy hydraulics), pneumatic clamping, customizable.

  • Rheology Advantage

  • A provider of consulting, testing, research and development services and training in rheology.

  • SECAT Inc.

  • research and development for the aluminum industry.

  • Cement Test Equipment, Inc.

  • Manufacturers of API/ISO oil well cement testing instruments. Equipment includes consistometers and ultrasonic cement analyzers (UCA).

  • Ye Chance

  • Manufacturers of equipment for concrete, soil, asphalt testing.

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