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  • Applied Robotics, Inc.

  • Applied Robotics, Inc., headquartered in Glenville, N.Y., is an ISO-9001 certified, employee-owned company serving the world’s automation market. Founded in 1983, Applied Robotics designs and manufactures end-of-arm tooling and connectivity solutions intended to solve complex automation problems and improve efficiencies. Serving a wide spectrum of customers and industries ranging from large Fortune 500 companies to small privately-held businesses, the company’s wrist-down solutions can be found in manufacturing, welding, assembly, material removal and material handling applications throughout the United States, Canada, Pacific Rim, Europe, Mexico and South America.

  • Bio-Tek Instruments

  • Bio-Tek is a leading developer and supplier of innovative microplate instrumentation and software. Our products are used worldwide to accelerate the drug discovery process, to advance discoveries in genomics and proteomics, and to aid in the advancement of biotechnology and life science research.

  • Integrated Dispensing Solutions

  • From manual syringes and IntelliSpense Brand accessories to fully automated work cells, small dots to drum pumps and robots, IDS offers solutions for all fluid dispensing applications.

  • EPSON Robots

  • EPSON Robots is a leader in 6-axis, SCARA and Cartesian robots and vision guidance systems. A PC-based Controller with the easy to use EPSON RC+ Microsoft WindowsTM based programming environment is standard. ActiveX Controls, Conveyor Tracking, Ethernet I/O, Force Sensing and Vision Guidance are available options.

  • Sias AG

  • Sias AG develops and supplies innovative multi-tipped robotic liquid handling systems. All robotic functionality of the new Xantus robotic platform is in the arm, including motors, electronics and pumps, making it easier to integrate and to upgrade. Xantus functionality can be expanded by integrating modules such as shakers, heaters, vacuum modules and the Ixion robot friendly microplate centrifuge.

  • TTP LabTech

  • TTP LabTech supplies laboratory-scale instrumentation and automation for the healthcare, biotech and pharmaceutical sectors. Its products include: comPOUND, a high-density, modular and scalable storage system, refrigerated to -20°C; Mosquito, a low volume (50-1200nl) pipettor which uses disposable pipettes for zero cross-contamination; and Acumen Explorer, a fluorescence microplate cytometer for the development and execution of powerful cell-based high content screening assays.

  • Union Biometrica, Inc.

  • COPAS Systems for the automated analysis and sorting of viable multicellular organisms, cells, seeds, beads, and other large particles sized from 40-1500 microns.

  • New Precision Technology

  • Standard and semi-custom automated systems for dispensing, soldering, gasketing, conformal coating, and pick and place assembly.

  • Knowledge Foundation

  • Conferences that bring together industry, government and academic organizations to spur the commercialization of advanced technologies.

  • ISC

  • Publisher of scientific journals and tabloids addressing the technology needs of the analytical, biotechnology, clinical, and environmental testing laboratories.

  • Picard Technologies

  • Engineering firm providing professional services to highly regulated industries such as pharmaceutical and biotechnology. Providing automation, batch - S88, MES, PEM, validation and 21 CFR Part 11 consulting services.

  • Laboratory Robotics Interest Group (LRIG)

  • Special interest group focused on laboratory automation.

  • WillStein Software

  • Develops laboratory automation solutions for use with LabVIEW (Macintosh and Windows) and stand-alone applications for the Macintosh.

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