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  • AnalytiKa high quality scientific equipment

  • Soil analysis Laboratories, Calcimeter Bernard, Soil Boron analysis, Soil particle size analysis, Olive oil acidity kit, Agrometeorological station, Soil moisture meter.

  • Ankersmid Particle Size & Shape Instruments

  • Ankersmid manufactures particle size and shape instruments based on unique principle of Time-Of-Transition and Dynamic Imaging

  • Anton Paar GmbH

  • Anton Paar GmbH produces high-quality measuring and analysis instruments for research and industry.

  • Engineer's Office for Applied Spectroscopy

  • We supply high-speed measurement technology for the photodiode array spectroscopy, non-contact film thickness measurement and PVD plasma emission monitoring.

  • ASCOL - Academic Sciences Company

  • ASCOL was established because of a noticeable gap in the educational supply market; traditionally the supply of scientific and laboratory equipment to schools and colleges in the UK had been dominated by two major companies. Until recently, smaller companies had traded successfully but a number of factors have now resulted in their disappearance. It was considered that the time was right for the launch of a small specialist company such as ASCOL, staffed by people with a wide experience of supplying science equipment over a long period of time to the educational sector, both in this country and overseas. ASCOL has two main advantages over market competitors. First is it's wide product range, specifically its Physics based laboratory equipment, with the ability to offer certain items that are not available from any other supplier in the UK. Secondly, ASCOL prices are extremely competitive and compare favourably with those of its major competitors in UK educational supply. We are also able to source and supply a wide range of science equipment not listed in the catalogue enabling us to supply complete, and fully integrated laboratories.

  • AstraNet Systems Ltd

  • Astranet Systems Ltd is a specialist supplier to the UK spectroscopy market. AstraNet Systems has exclusive agreements for the StellarNet Inc fibre optic spectrometers, the ScienceTech Inc arc lamps and the Burgess HPLC liquid standards. AstraNet provides solutions to analytical problems using the StellarNet range of spectrometers, radiometers and colour measurement systems, we can design special accessories and provide bespoke software. An extensive range of dip probes compliments the product range Calibration of UV-Visible instrumentation can be addressed with our range of GxP Gold Traceable Liquid Standards from Burgess Consultancy.

  • Bear Scientific

  • Buy and sell new and used equipment on our lab equipment auction site. Shop for new analytical balances in our online Balances Catalog. Bear sells new Universal/Tensile Testers and all types of Hardness Testers. Bear also provides calibration for Optical Emission Spectrometers, Universal Testers and Harness Testers.

  • Biochrom Ltd

  • Biochrom, one of the world's leading manufacturers of Amino Acid Analysers (Amino Acid Analyzers), UV/Visible Spectrophotometers, Microplate Readers, Low Volume Liquid Dispensers, Electrochemistry instrumentation and Gel Electrophoresis Equipment

  • Biofeedback and Neurofeedback equipment and supplies.

  • Biofeedback and neurofeedback equipment and supplies for over 25 years. Training, books, videos, and more...

  • Non Contact Infrared Temperature Sensors and Power Supplies

  • Calex Electronics manufactures non contact infrared temperature sensors, handheld infrared thermometers and AC/DC power supplies

  • Carton Optical Canada Inc.

  • Microscopes, balances, hot plates, physics equipment, binoculars, pH meters, science supplies, instrument service

  • Analytical Instruments

  • CD, an ISO 9001:2000 certified company is established since 1981. We are manufacturers of some of the finestLaboratory Equipment including a unique pocket pH meter, Conductivity / TDS pocket meters, Benchtop pH & Conductivity Meters, ELectrodes, Stirrers, Water Baths etc. All our Products are manufactured under strict Quality Control procedures. Our Products are designed keeping the basic parameters of a quality & cost-sensitive society - Relaibility, Functionality & Affordability.

  • Control Dynamics

  • We are ISo 9001:2000 certified manufacturers of high precision laboratory & scientific instruments like pH meters, conductivity Meters, electrodes & sensors, magnetic stirrers, water baths etc. Our unique feature is uncompromising quality at most affordable prices. If you need hassle-free and cost-effective products , its from CD.

  • Cecil Instruments Ltd.

  • Cecil Instruments are leading designers and manufacturers of UV/Visible Spectrophotometers and HPLC systems. Cecil Instruments’ new Adept range of modular HPLC instrumentation and systems may be configured to suit individual requirements. A wide range of detectors, including the revolutionary, ultra-fast scanning UV/Visible WaveQuest, may be incorporated into systems and controlled by Windows XP based PowerStream chromatography management. The range of UV/Visible spectrophotometers, includes models designed for student teaching, quality control, high performance research and tablet dissolution system applications.

  • Conductivity instruments

  • Amber Science located in Eugene, Oregon USA is a manufacturer of Conductivity instruments, conductivity cells and calibration solutions. Instruments are used to determine the conductivity, resistivity, salinity, total dissolved solids and temperature of aqueous solutions.

  • Cosmos Laboratory Equipment bvba

  • "Cosmos Laboratory Equipment" is active since 1978 as a supplier of laboratory equipment and as an installer of laboratory furnishing. We do also develop specific equipment when a standard solution is not directly available. As a Belgian distributor we represent leading manufacturers of laboratory and measuring equipment.

  • Environmental Test Chambers and Cold Storage Systems

  • CSZ manufactures temperature/humidity chambers along with cold storage freezers from bencthop to full walk-in rooms.

  • Environmental Chambers - Darwin Chambers Company

  • Environmental Chambers, Stability Chambers, and Incubators manufactured for the scientific and quality industries

  • DeltaTRAK Instruments

  • Since 1989, we have been an industry leader in temperature recording / data logging. Our temperature recorders, daga loggers, digital thermometer, infrared thermometers and much more are well received throughout the world.

  • The UK's Leading Laboratory Centrifuge Specialist

  • DJB Labcare is an independent centrifuge specialist. We supply new and reconditioned centrifuges and maintain all models regardless of their manufacturer.


  • Service repair company for medical, dental and lab equipment.

  • ESA, Inc.

  • ESA is leading the way to improve the quality of health care with superior separations for life science and diagnostics through high sensitivity detection. The company manufactures a full line of separation systems, with advanced components, software, accessories, technical support and laboratory services for analysis of compounds from various matrices.

  • ET Power Systems Ltd

  • ET designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of electronic test and power instruments. Their equipment is used by research institutions throughout the world. Units and systems can be specified with computer and analogue interfaces to integrate into automated processes. Whether your requirement is for a one off laboratory power supply or a series of custom units then ET's expertise and fast response times make them the ideal partner.

  • Scientific & Laboratory Glasswares.

  • The first and only Indian Company to Win 7th International Europe Award for Quality in Paris for Industrial glassware.

  • Used Lab Equipment and Scientific Laboratory Apparatus

  • We offer a selection of used lab equipment and older unused surplus equipment.

  • GianTek Quartz Material Co., Ltd.

  • One of the leading Quartz material manufacturer of Quart Tubing (satin, fused clear) for lamps and infared heater,UV, water treatment industrial. Quartz Rod and Quartz disc/plate, also our technical quartz substrates are available.

  • Glass Supply

  • Your one stop shop for all your lampworking needs. We supply lampworking tools and products for the scientific and art community. We stock a full line of Pyrex rod and tubing.


  • GLEN MILLS INC. markets laboratory and small-scale production equipment for use in various industries (food, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, metallurgy, paint/pigment, chemicals, etc.) • BLENDING of powders is performed in the TURBULA® Shaker-Mixer and dyna®-MIX. In addition to the precision mixing of drugs, powder metals, powder coatings, diamonds, etc., the interchangeable mixing vessels are design to prevent cross-contamination. • DRY MILLING of just about any material from rocks to proteins. The equipment includes mills that are able to comminute materials from fist size down to submicron size. • WET MILLING of suspended solids or emulsions by ultrasound, by homogenization, and by bead milling. Used for chemicals, pigments, biologicals, and just about any type of suspension where submicron particles and stable dispersions are needed. • SAMPLE DIVIDERS, SIFTERS and SIEVE SCREENS for accurate size cuts. • GRINDING BEADS/BALLS of glass, ceramic, metal, and tungsten carbide for use in ball mills or agitated mills.

  • Multitechnology Microplate Readers and Portable Multilabel Counters

  • Hidex is manufacturing and providing PlateCHAMELEON multilabel plate-readers and portable Triathler vial counters for a wide range of applications, from life science research to environmental monitoring. Technologies used are based on detection of radioactive, luminescence, fluorescence and photometric labels.

  • Vacuum Pumps and Equiptment

  • One stop source for all vacuum requirements. Tech support. All kinds of good information related to vacuum and it's use in the lab. Pumps, traps, fittings, systems, hose and gauges.

  • Refurbished Analytical Laboratory Instruments Worldwide

  • IET Ltd. has been a premier provider of refurbished analytical equipment for over twenty years to independent laboratories, small and large industries, research institutions, and universities around the globe. IET Ltd. specializes in electron microscopes, gas and liquid chromatography, atomic absorption, infrared, UV-VIS, mass and nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers from leading manufacturers such as Hewlett-Packard, Agilent, ThermoFinnigan, Sciex, Varian, Bruker, Perkin Elmer, Tekmar, Beckman, Shimadzu, Nicolet, Hitachi, JEOL and others. Inquire about our extended warranties available for up to 2 years on all of our equipment.

  • Infrared sources and gas sensors

  • Manufacturers of broad band, metal filament, infrared sources (2-20 um), narrow band, photonic crystal, infrared sources (tuned to specific wavelengths), and NDIR-based gas sensors.

  • Liquid Handling Products, Lab Equipment and Supplies

  • Manufacturer of innovative Liquid Handling Products, Lab Equipment and Supplies sold through distributors worldwide. Pipette controllers, dispensers

  • The Kelvin Probe Website

  • The Kelvin probe measures the work function or surface potential of a range of surfaces including metals, semiconductors, thin films and surface charge on insulators. KP Technology supply a range of static and scanning Kelvin probes for both ambient and vacuum environments. We also offer rental options and materials analysis of your samples.

  • Flow, Level, Temperature and Process Products

  • KEP (distributed by Gross Automation) is a manufacturer of process automation equipment that includes flow, level, temperature and process controls. Additionally, they proved operator interfaces and the HMI software that runs on both the operator interfaces and generic process computers.

  • Lab Glassware Mfg. Co.

  • Quality Lab Glassware at Low prices.

  • Labomed Inc. High Quality Spectrophotometers

  • We are Labomed, Inc., manufacturer of high quality spectrophotometers. We are located in The United States, with our line of analytical products we provide a better alternative to expansive machines used in chemistry labs, while we offer superior quality at the same time. Feel free to browse our catalog and let us know what you think about this website, our company or products. Thank you for visiting Labomed's website.

  • Midwest Bioservice Company

  • New and Used Microscopes. Microscope repair and service.

  • Midwest Instruments

  • instruments, equipment, reagents, lab staff

  • Mound Technical Solutions

  • From radiation measurement instrumentation with high accuracy sensors and data acquisition to precision automated positioning devices, MTS has the experienced personnel and resources to deliver quality, cost effective, and timely solutions. Products include tritium measurement instrumentation, tritium containment and recovery systems, automated mechanical production fixtures, fuel cell test equipment, data acquisition and control systems, and gas calibration systems. MTS’s customer base includes many U.S. Department of Energy facilities including INEEL, LANL, Mound, Sandia, Savannah River Plant and numerous commercial entities including Lockheed Martin, PerkinElmer, Canberra, Detroit Edison, SAIC, and Westinghouse.

  • Nam Quang Scientific Service Co.,

  • Laboratory equipment supplier, service, calibration, maintenance for scientific instruments and repaire

  • Nessler Electronic and Scientific Instruments

  • Manufacturer of Scientific and laboratory Equipments like Electronics, Physics, Models, Power Supplies, Microscopes, Glassware, Educational Equipments, Analog and Digital Training Kits.

  • Nessler Electronic and Scientific Instruments

  • Manufacturers of Laboratory and Scientific Instruments like Electronics, Glassware, Education, Microscope, Glassware, Power Supplies, Solar Kits, Educational Kits, Analog and Digital Training Boards

  • Nickel-Electro Ltd

  • Nickel-Electro is a wholly independent, family owned company, based in the South West of England. We design and manufacture the well known Clifton Range of temperature controlled equipment and instrumentation, which includes unstirred, stirred, shaking baths, digital hotplates and the innovative Duobaths. Trading since 1941, continued investment and development has established Nickel-Electro as a leading manufacturer of laboratory instrumentation. In addition Nickel-Electro manufactures a comprehensive range of laboratory consumables in a variety of materials including aluminium, stainless steel and nickel. This complements the Clifton Range and provides our customers with a single source of many types of laboratory equipment. We carry out all manufacturing processes in our own factory to ensure that the highest standards of quality control are strictly adhered to and that lead times are closely monitored. This ensures a flexible and fast response to changing demands. We also operate an in-house toolmaking division, which guarantees flexibility in design, rapid production and the continuity of our manufacturing process. Our commitment to all round high standards of product excellence and quality is demonstrated by our accreditation to IS09002 since 1991.

  • Paragon Scientific Ltd (UK)

  • Measurement and calibration products and services. UKAS 17025 accredited. Equipment and reference standards for measuring viscosity, density, refractive index, colour, conductivity, pH, total acid / total base number, temperature,polarity and more.

  • Pressure Vessels, Stirred Reactors, Pilot Plants, Magnetic Stirrers, Diaphragm Compressors, Syringe Pumps, Pilot Plants

  • manufacturer of bench-scale to pilot plant skid mounted process systems, stirred metal and glass reactors, magnetic mixers, syringe pumps and diaphragm compressors for laboratories, pilot plants and small-scale production

  • Pipettes for all your needs! Lab supplies, tips, calibration and repair.

  • TTE Laboratories offers pipette calibration and repair service, lab supplies, tips, tubes, vials, syringes, dispensers, burettes, repeaters, and much more.

  • PPM Technology Ltd.

  • PPM Technology design, manufacture and sell toxic gas monitors - primarily for Formaldehyde and Glutaraldehyde based around a well-proven electrochemical sensor. Multi-gas monitors will be available soon for single- and multi-point sampling with full PC control.

  • Raymond A Lamb - Medical, Laboratory & Hospital Supplies

  • Browse and purchase a comprehensive range of medical, histological and associated products including the following: Stains Chemicals & Waxes, Staining Solutions, Dissection Equipment, MicroWriter Systems, Slides & Coverglasses, Microscopy Accessories, Labelling & Marking Accessories, Electrical Equipment, Processing & Embedding Accessories, Microtomes, Accessories & Cryostats, Staining Jars, Troughs & Racks, Micropipetting & Dispensing, Formaldehyde Absorbent & Neutralising Products, Paper, Block & Slide Storage, Paraffin Waxes, Freezer Inventory, Specimen Storage & Transport

  • International Specialized Exhibition LABORATORY in St.Petersburg, Russia

  • RESTEC Exhibition Company invites you to visit and participate in the International Specialized Exhibition LABORATORY (Instruments, research technologies, equipment, expendable materials) in St.Petersburg, Russia.

  • Scigiene Corporation

  • Monitoring Solutions, Wireless Systems, Data Loggers, Thermometers, Thermal indicators, 1-wire systems, chart recorders and more. We provide cost effective solutions for labs, process applications, shipping and more.

  • Shanghai LW Scientific Co., Ltd

  • A proferssional microscope manufacturer in Shanghai, China.

  • Ultrasonic Liquid Processing Systems

  • Ultrasonic liquid processing systems are available from 130 watts to 1500 watts to process sample volumes of 250 microliters to liters. The Vibra Cell ultrasonic processor can be used for a wide variety of applications such as cell distruption, sample prep, cell lysing, emulsification, extraction, sonichemistry, homogenization, mixing, dispersion, atomization and cleaning.

  • Ultrasonic Atomizers, Nebulizers, Particle Generators, Processors

  • Sonaer designs and manufacturers ultrasonic equipment for making micron and sub-micron particles from liquids. The company also makes portable battery operated processors, and computer controlled ultrasonic processors for end users who need ultrasonic energy for enhanced processing, making aerosols, fine coating of medical devices, vials, tablets.


  • Manufacturer of quipment for laser, photonics, bioscience and nanoscience laboratories, it manufactures optical tables, breadboards and vibration isolation systems, linear and rotation positioners, motorized stages, optics mounts, opto-mechnical components, optics and dpss lasers.

  • Swiss Lab (Pty) Ltd

  • Swiss Lab South Africa specializes in the supply and service of Laboratory and Process analysis equipment in South Africa. The company is the exclusive agent for: Metrohm, Anton Paar, Camag, Grabner, Steinfurth, Cole Parmer, Eco Chemie, Applikon, Behr and Sanyo. Qualified personnel with vast experience in various analytical techniques are available to discuss the best possible solution to your analytical requirements.

  • Programmable Syringe Pump

  • Low cost programmable syringe pump with built-in programming. Infusion/withdrawal. Advanced features allow auotmatic changing of pumping rates and setting dispense volumes. Operates stand alone or from the RS-232 computer interface or TTL logic interface. For laboratory and research applications. Up to 60 ml volume syringes. Available models include single syringe, OEM style, and multi-syringe.

  • TauTec LLC

  • TauTec offers ultrahigh rep. rate, picosecond gated, gain modulated (1GHz) ICCD cameras, low-light sensitive, ultrafast readout CCD cameras, multifocal multiphoton microscope workstations for real-time fluorescence microscopy with time-lapse, ratio imaging, 2D and 3D kentics, FLIM, FRET, FRAP, polarization and spectral imaging functionalities, fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopes, and time-gated Raman imaging and spectroscopy systems.

  • Teledyne Hastings Instruments

  • Teledyne Hastings Instruments manufactures a complete line of Vacuum Instruments and Flow Instruments for the precise measurement and control of vacuum and gas flows. Hastings Instruments operates within the Teledyne Instruments Group, a group of specialty instrumentation companies providing innovative measurement devices to monitor critical manufacturing processes, improve productivity, facilitate energy exploration and protect the environment.

  • Tel-Tru Manufacturing Company

  • Tel-Tru Manufacturing Company manufactures and distributes instrumentation products such as Bimetal Thermometers, Digital Thermometers, Temperature and Pressure Transmitters, Pressure Gauges and Accessory products, that are designed and manufactured for worldwide distribution to industrial, OEM, commercial, HVAC, and food service markets. For more information on Tel-Tru Manufacturing Company and its products, call 800-232-5335 or visit

  • TPS Australia - Electrochemical Instrument and Sensor Manufacturer

  • TPS is Australia's leading manufacturer of instrumentation for pH, Redox, Specific Ions, Conductivity, Salinity, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity and Temperature for Research and Industry. Some units combine two or more parameters, providing added versatility and excellent value for money. From basic handheld units right through to our high performance laboratory and process control models, TPS instruments have a reputation for reliability and accuracy.

  • TQ Education and Training Ltd

  • TQ designs, develops and manufactures an extensive range of laboratory supplies, teaching equipment and technical training products for schools, colleges and training centres worldwide. TQ also supplies a comprehensive range of educational services.

  • Lactoscan

  • Portable ultrasonic milk analysers.

  • Welch Vacuum

  • Sold its first rotary vane pumps to laboratories over 100 years ago; they are now a standard feature in labs and industry.

  • OptoSci Ltd.

  • Research, development and manufacture of optoelectronic systems, components and instrumentation for industry and education. Innovative photonics technology.

  • RS Biotech

  • Manufacturers of CO2 incubators as well as laboratory research equipment for cell and tissue research.

  • PCB Piezotronics

  • Development, production, and marketing of piezoelectric sensors for measuring dynamic pressure, force, shock, and vibration.

  • Antares Analytical - Baird Spectrometer Specialists

  • International service, parts, supplies and support for Baird spectrometers by Baird trained Engineers. Distributor of GNR and Angstrom spectrometers for metals and oil analysis.

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