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  • Institute for social-ecological research

  • inter- and transdisciplinary research in environmental matters in the fields of gender, water, science, population, mobility, lifestyles and every day ecology

  • Research in Gender and Environment

  • Informations about the research in the field of gender and environment in the leading german research center ISOE

  • SolData Instruments

  • Instruments for measurements of solar radiation are described. We can supply instruments for measurement of global radiation, ultraviolet, long wave thermal and other special applications. Contact us for more information.

  • Dr. F. Krantz, Rheinisches Mineralien-Kontor

  • Buying and selling collections (rocks, minerals, fossils). Also sells specimens, field equipment, and teaching aids for geology. Site in both English and French.

  • Glenammer Engineering

  • Manufacturer of laboratory test sieves.

  • UltraViolet Lights for Fluorescent Mineral Collecting

  • Ultraviolet lights and accessories for professionals and hobbyists interested in the UV spectrum.

  • Estwing

  • Manufacturer of hand-held striking and struck tools for geology and other uses (hammers, hoe-picks, chisels, axes, and pry bars).

  • NSW Technology Limited

  • Manufactures underwater electrical and electro-mechanical cables. Applications include fibre-optic telecommunication links, dynamic cables for underwater remote operated vehicles (ROVs), geophysical, and oceanographic instrumentation.

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