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  • BIA Separations

  • BIA Separations is the only worldwide manufacturer of Short Monolithic Columns optimized to meet the research and production needs of the biotechnology industry. Through both internal initiatives and external collaborations, BIA Separations researches, develops, manufactures and markets CIM Convective Interaction Media® monolithic supports that address the growing need for timesaving innovations within the biotechnology field. Based on more than 10 years of experience, BIA Separations has developed a wide range of CIM® columns for the separation and purification of biomolecules. CIM® Disk monolithic columns are intended for very fast analyses, in-process control, and laboratory purification. CIMGEL™ offers the biochromatographer the opportunity to use the innovative CIM® material in commercially available biocompatible columns. CIM® Tube monolithic columns are large scale CIM® supports mainly intended for laboratory and industrial scale purification and bioconversion. CIM® supports are cast as continuous homogeneous phases and provide high rates of mass transfer at lower pressure drops. Thus, much faster separations are possible and productivity can be increased by at least one order of magnitude. The nature of the pores allows easy permeability and the short column length leads to the optimal purification of large biomolecules. These features maintain the resolution of the separation process while reducing the back pressure, non-specific binding, product degradation, and minor structural changes of the biomolecules. BIA Separations and Boehringer Ingelheim have co-developed a process package for the contract manufacturing of plasmid DNA (pDNA) under full cGMP conditions. BIA Separations focus is their customers.

  • Nessler Electronic and Scientific Instruments

  • Manufacturers of Laboratory and Scientific Instruments like Electronics, Glassware, Education, Microscope, Glassware, Power Supplies, Solar Kits, Educational Kits, Analog and Digital Training Boards, Models

  • Three Dimensional Models

  • Low price anatomical models and micro prepared slides.

  • Three Dimensional Models

  • Low price anatomical models and prepared micro sildes.

  • Conviron

  • Product and sales information and profile of a company which manufacturers plant growth chambers.


  • Plant tissue culture media and equipment, growth hormones, and antibiotics

  • Tissue Quick Plant Laboratories, TQPL Supplies.

  • Supplies worldwide to plant tissue culture and orchid industry, autoclavable aseptic venting technologies in PTFE, plant culture containers and specialist orchid media.

  • Herbarium Supply

  • Supplies for herbaria and field botanists. Based in Menlo Park, California.

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