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  • Introduction to Quantum Measurement

  • This is a web-book designed to teach Freshmen college students some of the intriguing aspects of quantum measurement. It require no more than a high school knowledge of science, preferably physics or chemistry. Readers are encouraged to use any part of these modules as they see fit! User's feedback is greatly appreciated, but not required.

  • Scriptural Physics

  • Scriptural Physics offers one Christian's view of how faith, as "evidence of things not seen" (Heb 11:1-3) can be applied to physical science. This site offers insights on advanced propulsion, atomic energy, atomic structure, quantum mechanics, relativity, scriptural methods, comments about UFOs, etc. Just for fun, rate this site with the NASA Breakthrough Propulsion Physics (NASA BPP) criteria.

  • Events in History of physics

  • Time-lines of thermodynamics, emg, symmetry .. With links to other time-lines and resources.

  • Review of Robert Wright, Non-Zero

  • Critical and informed reviews of Non-Zero book, above.

  • Space-Time-Chance

  • Musing on Bell's theorem implications by prof. Nelson

  • Discussions of Quantum Mechanics

  • Yahoo! Groups: Quantum Mechanics

  • Diary of TGD creation

  • TGD is universal theory based on p-Adic numbers

  • Shadows of the Mind

  • Reviews and critique Ideas presented in the this book, published in journal PSYCHE.

  • In art and poetry, time may have at least two dimensions

  • time may have at least two dimensions.

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