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  • Computational Epistemology Laboratory

  • This site contains papers and courses on philosophy of science from the perspective of cognitive science, including computational models of scientific thinking. The research is by Paul Thagard and his collaborators.

  • Cory D. Wright homepage

  • General philosophy of science, intertheoretic reduction, mechanistic explanation

  • James A. Marcum

  • Departmental homepage

  • USF Department of Philosophy

  • This is the official site for the Department of Philosophy at the University of Florida in Tampa, Florida. Roger Ariew and Eric Winsberg work in Philosophy of Science and History of Philosophy of Science. Link to Dr. Winsberg's page:

  • CoreBooks, Inc.

  • Core Books was established to provide the first publishing house treating scientific philosophy and generalism.

  • Philosophical and Theoretical Issues in Cognitive Neuroscience

  • Publication list

  • Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

  • A free encyclopedia covering all areas of philosophy. Articles are written and peer-reviewed by professional philosophers.

  • Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation

  • The Kolbe Center provides a forum for Roman Catholic theologians, philosophers, and natural scientists who believe that special creation and the literal historical interpretation of Genesis 1-11 provide a better framework within which to explain the facts of Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition and natural science than either theistic evolution or progressive creation.

  • Carl Wagner, Professor of Mathematics, University of Tennessee

  • I am a mathematician with an interest in applications of probability to philosophy of science. I am particularly interested in the problem of revising a probability when classical conditionalization is inapplicable, and have worked on generalizations of Richard Jeffrey's theory of probability kinematics, and of Jeffrey's solution to the old evidence/new explanation problem.

  • Psillos, Stathis

  • Lecturer in the History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Athens.

  • Feenberg, Andrew

  • Publications list, talks and articles.

  • Why Not Science Critics?

  • A paper by Don Ihde.

  • Dreyfus, Hubert

  • Publications list, contact details.

  • Winner, Langdon

  • Publications list.

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