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  • Miscellanea

  • Stories, pictures and observations from an American student in Russia.

  • Mad Kane's Notables

  • Humorist Madeleine Kane's sardonic commentary, song parodies, news haiku, spoofs, and other humor about politics, the law, the White House, President Bush, current events, books, music, & whatever else inspires her admiration or ire.

  • The Black Flag

  • Lefty news from Roswell, New Mexico. Pamphlets, photos, cartoons, choice links, and bitter-sweet poetic rants on the current am-Bushed state of our sad country.

  • Thornton, Darmon C.

  • Website/weblog of a libertarian public servant.

  • Honest views on politics today.

  • Daily updates with opinions on politics, with a liberal viewpoint. Offers original writing and columns.

  • The Kicker : New York Magazine Blog

  • An irreverant Elizabeth Spiers blogs about the New York media, power brokers, and local personalites. The blog is part of New York Magazine's website.

  • FuturePundit

  • Future technological trends and their likely effects on human society, politics and evolution.

  • NextDraft News

  • A newsletter and website that covers all the news from politics to pop culture, from Jerusalem to JLo. It's your dinner party prep.


  • Science news and features by award-winning British science writer David Bradley. Includes blog, search tools, recommended books and archives.

  • The Mahablog

  • News, opinion, and discussion critical of the Bush Administration.

  • Gawker

  • A snarky daily blog that reports on -- and editorializes about -- New York City's media. Widely read in media circles, the site also breaks gossip and compiles celebrity sightings.

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