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  • AIDSinfo

  • AIDSinfo is a central resource for current information on federally and privately funded clinical trials for AIDS patients and others infected with HIV. AIDS clinical trials evaluate experimental drugs and other therapies for adults and children at all stages of HIV infection -- from patients who are HIV positive with no symptoms to those with various symptoms of AIDS. As the main dissemination point for federally approved HIV treatment and prevention guidelines, AIDSinfo provides information about the current treatment regimens for HIV infection and AIDS-related illnesses, including the prevention of HIV transmission from occupational exposure and mother-to-child transmission during pregnancy.

  • Office of Rare Diseases, National Institutes of Health

  • This Web site provides information about ORD-sponsored biomedical research, scientific conferences, rare and genetic diseases in English and Spanish (Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center), and a portal to information on major topics of interest in the rare diseases community. If you cannot locate on this Web site the specific information you seek, please call (301) 402-4336 or email

  • Active Living magazine

  • Healthy Lifestyles for Today's Amputees Health. Fitness. Sports. Recreation. Industry News.

  • Beyond Health

  • Cutting-edge health information and carefully researched world-class health-supporting products. Free articles, Free Newsclips Subscriptions, and Beyond Health News subscriptions.

  • Bodies of Stone

  • Comprehensive nutrition with fitness site, with inside information on what foods and fitness do to you and for you, and how emotions affect your health.

  • Texas Health & Human Services Commission

  • The Texas Health & Human Services Commission administers the states Medicaid & CHIP programs.

  • Health and medical news

  • Sample of stories from the specialist Englemed on-line health and medical news services - also links to sites carrying highly specialised daily news feeds

  • Johns Hopkins Public Health News Center

  • The latest Public Health News headlines

  • Your site for infection control and endoscopy topics

  • This web site provides dicussions that relate to the fields of infection control and endoscopy.

  • Safetynews

  • News and other information for anyone with an interest in occupational health and safety.

  • ThePharmYard

  • ThePharmYard provides instant access to a unique database of specialist information relevant to the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Titles from a diverse range of independent publishers are available to purchase in electronic document format for immediate access.

  • Family Resource Center Newsletter

  • A free monthly newsletter providing information, education, and free services to individuals seeking self-help assistance and information on mental health issues.

  • Body-Mind-Spirit Conference - Pilates, Yoga, Gyrotonic & NIA

  • Welcome to the Body Mind Expo educational conference.

  • Community Health Reporter

  • A newsletter founded on research, developed and conducted by the Population and Community Health Unit for the Southwestern Ontario, Canada region.


  • Publication from the American Academy of Nutritional Sciences. Includes past and current issues online with subscription information.

  • Health Online

  • News and health information brought to you by the St Petersburg Times.

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