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  • Borealis 2000 - Aurora Borealis Gallery and Space Weather News

  • Photo Gallery of the Aurora Borealis, Meteor Showers and Planetary Alignments hosted by photographer Dirk Obudzinski. Includes: Space Weather News and free Aurora Alert Service.

  • Research Experiences for Undergraduates/Teachers Program

  • Solar Astronomy Summer Research Assistantship Program for both Undergraduates and Teachers

  • The Geeks and the Aliens

  • Why are the tech industry's best and brightest so determined to spearhead the hunt for extraterrestrials? [Salon]

  • European Space Agency's news

  • Daily news, including images, movies and live launch webcasts on ESA's science missions.

  • Regulus Astro

  • Online Newsletter. Updated monthly and geared for amateurs of all levels.

  • Science @ NASA

  • Current space news brought to you by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center.

  • Kid's Science News Network

  • One-minute newsbreaks that feature kids teaching mathematics, science, technology, and facts about NASA to other kids

  • Getting Some Alien Experience

  • A Seti@home project overview, by Jennifer Sullivan. [Wired News],1282,14174,00.html

  • CNN - Science & Technology: Space


  • Be Star

  • Discusses information about early-type stars and especially hot, near main-sequence stars. Includes pdf downloads of the most recent issues.

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