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  • QuanToxPath

  • Consultants on stereology and 2D geometrical quantification in bio-medical research.

  • Learning Stereology ... with Stereologer

  • You can not only learn several up-to-date principles of stereological theory, but you can also take a look at one of the few available integrated software/ hardware systems for accurate and efficient unbiased Stereology.

  • Learning Stereology ... with Robert Williams

  • We have here the paper by Robert W. Williams and Pasko Rakic presenting the unbiased method "counting box". Despite the paper was issued in 1988, the site is updated with authors' comments on their paper and on the famous Abercrombie's correction.

  • Stereology Resource Center

  • Aiming to provide biomedical and biosciences researchers with resources for unbiased stereological research, scientific measurement and analysis. Services include training, software, consulting, tissue sample analysis and testing, independent validation from Chester, Maryland.

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