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Imaging Science 
Scientific Method 
  • Biomedical imaging in java

  • Imaging solutions in java based on ImageJ, including voluem rendering, optical flow and principal component analysis of images, image acquisition for telemedicine. Manuals, sources, API's all freely available for non-commercial use.

  • State University of Bangladesh

  • A leading university in Bangladesh

  • Acquisition of (Physiological) Images

  • Electronic imaging.

  • 3D Nonlinear Inversion via Entropy of Image Contrast Minimization

  • A novel approach to 3D acoustic/seismic tomography of stratified media (nonlinear inversion of wave equation), based on a semblance in an image space rather than in a space of input data: a few novel notions, strategies, algorithms- including RGA-algorithm for global optimization.

  • College Of Imaging Administrators

  • Professional organization providing practical administrative business, marketing and technical information and support to imaging managers, directors, administrators, engaged in the practice of radiology and diagnostic imaging management.

  • Itronics Imaging Technologies

  • High speed digital camera systems for motion analysis. On-line store, quick quotes and rental. Representing Roper Scientific MASD, Redlake, and Cooke Corporation.

  • Firstsight Vision Ltd.

  • Used for industrial machine vision applications, such as area and linescan cameras, lenses and framegrabbers. Contacts in Surrey, UK.

  • Center for Imaging Science

  • Five U.S. universities in partnership to enhance the science of image understanding in a variety of research endeavors. Purpose is to create automated understandings of complex real-world scenes including imaging in the biomedical, planetary and defense areas.

  • The 3D Displays Page

  • MIT

  • Dimension Technologies Inc. (DTI)

  • Specializes in autostereoscopic 3D display technology and products.

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