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  • Xie Group Homepage

  • Group of Harvard students, postdocs and scientists working at the interface of many disciplines, striving to develop new physical and chemical tools that will hopefully solve compelling biological problems.

  • DNA/Ploidy Determination

  • Techniques and approaches for standardization of DNA/ploidy determination by microscopic absorption of Feulgen stained specimens on microscope slides.

  • Quantitative Microscopy at UC San Diego

  • Fully automated quantitative microscopy for biomedical research and applications

  • Multiphoton Microscope

  • This website gives details about the Mutliphoton microscope(also popular as two-photon or nonlinear microscope). Also, it gives a small tutorial about the difference between conventional (wide field) microscopy, confocal microscopy and two-photon microscopy. More details will be added very soon !!

  • Protrain Courses in Electron Microscopy

  • Protrain run courses on-site for SEM, TEM and EDS throughout the world. They also have training courses that you may run for yourself through interactive CD and Protrain Portfolio the SEM or TEM practical course.

  • Guide to Gold Cluster Labeling

  • Step-by-step guide to immunogold labeling using the gold cluster reagents NanogoldĀ® and undecagold. Separate sections describe conditions and procedures for obtaining the best labeling results, separating gold-labeled conjugates, and analyzing the products to see how successful your labeling reaction is.

  • Gilder Grids

  • Manufacture an extensive range of high quality specimen support grids for use in transmission electron microscopy. All types are held in stock for same or next day despatch.

  • Petr's Microscopy Resources

  • Pages of interest for microscopists, including microscopy meetings, literature, resources and suppliers.

  • Centre for Electron Microscopy and Materials Science

  • University of Antwerp.

  • Microvision Labs

  • Offers SEM and light microscopy services in the Boston, MA area.

  • Reflection Contrast Microscopy

  • Explanation of how techniques of reflection contrast microscopy work. Includes history, bibliography, and sample images.

  • Scanning Probe Microscopy at Bristol

  • Introduces the applications and techniques of SPM with image and movie galleries, conference announcements and research topics.

  • McMaster

  • Provides specialized microscope slides used in fecal analysis.

  • Fluorescence microscopy using LEDs

  • LED Fluorescence as a low-cost replacement for traditional fluorescence microscopy.

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