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  • Lotto Probabilities

  • Calculate Probabilities in the the norwegian Lotto. Can be applied to all kind of lotto games.

  • Poker Probabilities

  • Calculate some poker probabilities

  • Poker Probabilities

  • Calculate some poker probabilities

  • Numbers and Numerical Prefixes

  • Tables for Greek and Latin number values alone and as a part of other words.

  • Delbert Ray Fulkerson Prize

  • For outstanding papers in the area of discrete mathematics, sponsored jointly by the Mathematical Programming Society (MPS)¬†and the American Mathematical Society (AMS).

  • A Million Random Digits with 100,000 Normal Deviates

  • Free online in PDF, also offered for sale as paperback. Notes on the data and instructions for accessing the files in either plain text or compressed format are provided.

  • Graph Theory Glossary

  • Alphabetic list of terms by Chris Caldwell.

  • Teaching Time

  • Interactive clock, online games, and printable worksheets are designed to help kids learn to tell time.

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