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  • The Exploratorium

  • The Exploratorium's mission is to stimulate people of all ages to want to know more about the world around them. It promotes learning through doing, sparking the sorts of discoveries that stimulate people to ask their own questions and seek the answers. The Exploratorium fosters learning at a more abstract level by providing innovative tools — including a 5-time Webby-Award-winning website — that more deeply answer the questions raised. And, it transforms formal education by working with teachers in the development of new methods and tools for use in the classroom.

  • The Pari Center for New Learning

  • The Pari Center for New Learning is located in a medieval hilltop village near to Siena in Tuscany. It runs conferences, courses and has an active program of visitors who spend anything from a week to several months joining in discussions or working on a project. Our interests include fundamental questions in physics, applications of complexity theory in fields such as economics and governance. We also have an active dialogue between science and the arts.

  • Physics Museum at The University of Queensland

  • Includes a virtual tour and a catalog of the museum's collection. Mainly early twentieth century instruments for research and didactic purposes.

  • Links

  • multimedia experiments and museums

  • Museo di Fisica - Museum of Physics - Naples, Italy

  • Museum of the University of Naples, Italy, Physics Department. Several centuries of instruments may be viewed. English and Italian language versions are available.

  • The Physics Museum at the University Of Queensland

  • Includes a virtual tour and a catalog of the museum's collection.

  • Museum of Victorian Science

  • Features a virtual tour of Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory, display of working Geissler, Bouquet, Railway and early x-ray tubes, and electric flame-laden demonstrations. Visits by appointment only. Includes directions. Located in North Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

  • Bloomfield Science Museum

  • Interactive exhibits such as "Discovering Levers" play an important part in this museum's educational and cultural program. Located in Jerusalem, Israel.

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