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Historians of Science 
  • Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre

  • The Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre(Austehc) works in support of the history and heritage of Australian science, technology, engineering and medicine. We have developed significant expertise in cultural informatics and developed a tool set that can be applied across many disciplines and subject areas.

  • World History Timeline Chart

  • This Timeline Wall Chart of Human Evolution, Knowledge and Culture offers an outline of 13,7 billion years evolution of the universe, in which the cultural history on Earth has been elaborated extensively. The structure is set up to facilitate interdisciplinary understanding of diverse movements, discoveries, and cultural developments. The history of the sciences, literature, the arts, music, philosophy and religions and more, have been mapped in detail, but also in a coherent and enlightening manner. Over 3000 important movements, representatives, their essential publications and other facts have been situated in time and space. The content is based upon comparison of various courses given in the University of Ghent and other reliable academic sources. Supervised by 18 European academics.

  • On the Origin Of Species

  • Etext of Darwin's Origin of the Species, complete with discussion forum and live chat.

  • On the Origin of Species

  • E-text at Project Gutenberg.

  • The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin

  • A searchable online version of The Origin of Species.

  • Free Online Library - The Origin of Species

  • Find the famous treatise on the origin of man and the theory of evolution.

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