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  • Michigan Section Women and Mathematics

  • Michigan women whose careers require a strong working knowledge of mathematics offer to visit mathematics classes, groups girls from mathematics classes, a math club, a PTA meeting, or a Career Workshop. The visiting women mathematician will give a talk about an interesting idea in mathematics and talk about women in mathematical careers. Some are academic mathematicians and others are using our mathematics in finance, manufacturing, insurance, or commerce. The goal is to encourage girls to take all four years of high school mathematics.

  • Association for Women in Mathematics

  • The Association for Women in Mathematics is a nonprofit organization dedicated to encouraging women and girls in the mathematical sciences.

  • Simon Singh's Website

  • Science and mathematics writer covers various topics, including Fermat's Last Theorem, cryptography and astronomy.

  • European Women in Mathematics

  • An affiliation of women bound by a common interest in the position of women in mathematics. Includes information about meetings, a newsletter, and a mailing list.

  • International Statistics Institute - Committee Women in Statistics

  • Group supporting women statisticians and working to encourage women to enter the field.

  • Biographies of Women Mathematicians

  • On-going project by students in mathematics classes at Agnes Scott College in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

  • Association for Women in Mathematics

  • A nonprofit organization dedicated to encouraging and promoting women and girls in the mathematical sciences including pure and applied mathematics and statistics. Site has newsletters, events and resources including job adverts.

  • American Mathematical Union Commission on Women in Mathematics in Africa

  • Mission statement, and list of board members.

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