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  • Centre for Economic Performance

  • The Centre for Economic Performance (CEP) is an interdisciplinary research centre based at the London School of Economics. It has been recognised as a centre of national and international excellence in the application of economic theory and rigorous empirical analysis to issues of unemployment, productivity, education and international trade.

  • The Regeneration of London's Docklands 1981/98 - New Jobs and Opportunities

  • The strategy for a new Docklands economy and new employment

  • Professional Document Preparation

  • If you need a letter or document to address any business or personal situation, don't struggle with it! Simply send us your information now, and we will write whatever you need. Our expertise is Chinese-English and English-Chinese translation (Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters

  • Salaries of Scientists by Discipline

  • Information of the pay scales of U.S. scientists.

  • Science and Engineering Workforce Project

  • A network of labor economists and other researchers studying the professional development, deployment, and productivity of scientists, engineers, and highly skilled technical workers.

  • Manage Your Career Like a Business

  • Article provides advice for technical professionals.

  • Put Science to Work

  • Book by Peter S. Fiske, Ph.D. Includes review and description. Discount available through American Geophysical Society membership.

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